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How to offer and find help

How to find help Start by writing up a long call for contributors, clearly stating the following: the name of the project the subject or themes any additional context where you need help contributor requirements releva…

1 March 19, 2019
Resource: Recruitment Guide

Growing your team, gathering collaborators, and building community around your open textbook project is critical to its success. Take a look at our recruitment guide to learn how to create a call for contributors, where …

4 November 11, 2019
Open Textbook Brainstorm

New projects are always encouraged. To set yourself up for success, follow these steps: To receive feedback or gauge interest, share your ideas in the Contributor Marketplace. First, create a new topic, then add your p…

1 March 19, 2019
User Experience Research Participants for Rebus Ink 1 March 11, 2020
Call for Peer Reviewers: History of Applied Science and Technology 3 March 6, 2020
Call for Contributors: Media Innovation & Entrepreneurship v3 3 March 4, 2020
Call for Africa Editor: History of Applied Science and Technology 3 March 3, 2020
Poster designer for Introduction to Philosophy series 1 February 24, 2020
Call for Papers for OER Special Edition 1 January 13, 2020
Call for Participation - Soil and Water Conservation 1 May 16, 2019
Authors, peer reviewers & more for Introduction to Philosophy 1 November 22, 2019
Call for Contributors: Interested in Nursing Research - Population health initiatives, Maternal Child, Nutrition, Geriatric, Folklore/ Culture, etc 1 November 11, 2019
Call for Peer reviews: "inquiry Based Learning & SDG's" 2 October 11, 2019
Editors, reviewers needed for Oregon History Textbook 6 September 25, 2019
Call for Peer Reviewers: Marking Open and Affordable Courses 3 September 17, 2019
[ARCHIVED] Spread the word in the Rebus Community newsletter 23 August 26, 2019
Call for Chapter Proposals 3 August 19, 2019
Call for contributors to Introduction to Philosophy book series 1 July 20, 2019
CFP: Shaping and Sharing Learning through Open Pedagogy: Case Studies of Student-Teacher Collaborations 3 July 18, 2019
Call for Reviewers :loudspeaker: [ Global Perspectives on Gender] 1 May 2, 2019
Call for reviewers / editors: It's All Greek to Me ESL textbook 1 May 28, 2019
Introduction to Philosophy call for contributors 1 April 17, 2019
CFP: Peer reviewers for Introduction to Philosophy of Religion textbook 1 May 1, 2019
CFP: An openly published book about Open Pedagogy; Library-Faculty Collaborations 1 April 19, 2019
Call for Participation: Seeking Section Lead/Editors Section Lead/Editor: Commitment to help recruit and lead a small team of authors for a section of Health, Safety and Nutrition text 1 April 15, 2019
Call for contributors to OpenStax Psychology book 5 April 11, 2019
Example: Call for Authors on OER Publishing resource 2 March 27, 2019
Example: Call for Reviewers for Introduction to World Literature 1 March 27, 2019
Marrakesh & Copyright 3 March 5, 2019