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Building a Team & Project Scoping Identifying a core group of participants and laying down an organizational framework are the start of a successful project. Formatting & Release Preparation Connect your project with the people who want to use it! Get it ready for release, and then tell the world. Accessibility & Inclusivity In making open textbooks, aim for inclusion, empowerment, and engagement, so they’re usable and useful for everyone. Licensing & Attributions Learn about OER and licensing, including copyright, fair use, permissions, and attributions. OER Publishing Programs Post questions and examples about starting or sustaining OER publishing at your campus or in your state. Other Questions What else do you want to know about? Post your questions by creating a new topic in the Other Questions section, and respond to those from others! Creating and Editing Content Whether writing text or making charts, structuring chapters or proofreading, content creation and editing go hand-in-hand. Peer Review & Other Feedback Ensure the quality, accuracy, and credibility with feedback from peer reviewers. It’s a key step for OER projects. Adoptions, Adaptations & Maintenance OER publishing doesn’t stop at release. Once a textbook is in the world, it’s time to use, remix, and update it! Site Feedback & Technical Questions Technical issues we need to know about? Questions about using the platform? This is where to post your feedback. Marketing & Communications Publicity, promotion, and communications is about connection making when the product is an open textbook.
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OER Binding: SOS! 3 July 30, 2019
Resource: A collection of tools and resources for accessibility. Please contribute! 6 July 18, 2019
Alt text for music notation? 7 June 25, 2019
HELP! :) In-House OER Production 5 June 14, 2019
Updates on Formatting - Sight Reading for Guitar 45 June 5, 2019
We have a new look! Share your feedback & report any bugs 13 May 27, 2019
URLs and Screen Readers for an Annotated Bibliography 4 May 24, 2019
Adoption Tracking 4 April 29, 2019
Index tool status - Pressbooks 2 April 25, 2019
Author names showing in print .pdf; Technical assistance request with versioning 2 April 24, 2019
Begin Chapter Error in Epub 8 April 24, 2019
Embedded videos 9 April 8, 2019
Questions for Apurva 11 April 5, 2019
Example: Formatting Content Accessibly in the Web 4 March 27, 2019
Example: Does anyone have an accessibility checklist to run through prior to releasing an open textbook? 3 March 27, 2019
Resource: Marketing and Communications

Marketing involves lots of ongoing communication and connection-making with future adopters and readers. Your objective is to find the people for whom your open textbook fills a need, and then showing them what is good,…

3 March 19, 2019
Create a new topic to share feedback or ask questions

Technical issues we need to know about? Questions about using the platform? This is where to post your feedback.

3 March 19, 2019
Resource: Adoptions

Whether your textbook is just for you or for many instructors, adoption is about putting the book in readers’ hands. Creating an adoption form is your first step, so that you can put it into action for those who decide …

3 March 19, 2019
Resource: Adaptations

After release, any open textbook can be adapted, creating a new resource that remixes, revises, and redistributes the content in a different way. If this is an approach you want to take, there are several considerations …

3 March 19, 2019
Resource: Improvements and Maintenance

With open textbooks, there’s no such thing as the “final final” version. After its initial release, there will be a series of ongoing improvements, additions, or deletions to be made, either because of updates in your fi…

3 March 19, 2019
Resource: Accessibility

Accessibility benefits all readers, whether it’s about language, style, content, format or design. As much as possible, be aware of your multiple audiences and their accessibility needs from the scoping phase onwards. T…

1 March 19, 2019
Resource: Release Preparation

Release involves a series of steps to prepare your open textbook to be shared with the world! These are your last stages of preparing the text, including formatting and adding front and back matter, as well as making it …

3 March 19, 2019
Resource: Peer Review

Peer review provides important feedback on accuracy and quality, adding a diverse set of perspectives on the text. While there are many people throughout the process who also contribute to the overall value and credibil…

3 March 19, 2019
Resource: Creating Content

Creating content requires subject-matter expertise, group collaboration, reader insights, and assuring accessibility. At this stage, authors and editors often work closely together, shaping the structure and flow of the…

3 March 19, 2019
Resource: Editing Content

Editing is a crucial phase in creating an OER, just as important as writing. In many ways, editing and writing are mutually dependent, two sides of a whole process. Editing takes place at different scales, from structur…

3 March 19, 2019
Resource: Building a Team

A project team is made of those who manage, write, edit, review, support, and champion your open textbook. This team is at the heart of the community that is most closely connected to the project, and their work and ent…

3 March 19, 2019
Resource: Project Scoping

When you are ready to get started on an open textbook project, read through our project scoping overview, which lays out the elements you’ll need to plan for and decide on before creating content. There are a number of …

3 March 19, 2019
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It's in my dreams, literally 1 June 3, 2018
Textbook modification tools 6 March 14, 2019