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Resource: Adoptions

Whether your textbook is just for you or for many instructors, adoption is about putting the book in readers’ hands. Creating an adoption form is your first step, so that you can put it into action for those who decide …

3 March 19, 2019
Resource: Adaptations

After release, any open textbook can be adapted, creating a new resource that remixes, revises, and redistributes the content in a different way. If this is an approach you want to take, there are several considerations …

3 March 19, 2019
Resource: Improvements and Maintenance

With open textbooks, there’s no such thing as the “final final” version. After its initial release, there will be a series of ongoing improvements, additions, or deletions to be made, either because of updates in your fi…

3 March 19, 2019
Adoption Tracking 4 April 29, 2019
Textbook modification tools 6 March 14, 2019
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