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a_test10 View Homepage c_Test12 View Homepage Sight-Reading for Guitar Lead author: Chelsea Green, American University in Cairo Northern & Indigenous Health and Healthcare Lead: Heather Exner-Pirot, University of Saskatchewan/UArctic Guide to Making Open Textbooks with Students View project homepage The Science of Human Nutrition Project lead: Billy Meinke, University of Hawaii Desafíos de la Formación Ciudadana Lead: Werner Westermann Translating the Digital Citizenship Toolkit Lead: Werner Westermann zoe-testing-logs View Homepage Introduction to Community Psychology Lead Editors: Leonard A. Jason, Olya Glantsman, Jack F. O’Brien, and Kaitlyn N. Ramian Beginning Chemistry Adaptation Lead editor/author(s): Melissa Kofoed, Shawn Miller, Kori Ellis Cognitively Accessible Math for Adult Learners Project lead: Susan Jones New Releases Browse in-progress open textbooks, contribute your skills to one or more projects, and share new releases. Inquiry Based Learning Lead editor/author(s): Mohammed Galib Hasan History of Applied Science and Technology Lead editors: Danielle Mead Skjelver, University of Maryland, University of North Dakota & Linda Ruggles The Rebus Guide to Publishing A repository of collective knowledge, written to help you create, publish, and promote your open textbooks. Visit the project homepage Blueprint for Success in College and Career Lead author: Dave Dillon, Grossmont College It’s All Greek to Me Lead editor/author(s): Charity Davenport Soil and Water Conservation BASIC INFORMATION Lead editor/author(s): Colby Moorberg Project Title: Soil and Water Conservation: An Annotated Bibliography Lead editor/author(s): Colby Moorberg License: CC BY Subjects: Agriculture, Soil Science, Soil and Water Conservation A Guide to Starting an Open Textbook Program Lead: To Be Determined Human Geography: Principles and Applications Lead authors: Paul Hackett, USask & Arthur Gill Green, UBC Introduction to LGBTQ+ Studies Leads: Deborah Amory, Sean Massey, and Allison Brown The Web, Content Industries, and Ourselves Project Summary: The Web, Content Industries, and Ourselves Introduction to North American Archaeology Lead editor: Katie Kirakosian, UMass Amherst Digital Citizenship Toolkit Lead author: Michelle Schwarz, Ryerson University How to Start a New Project To begin an open textbook project, create a new topic below. In 1-3 business days, your project will receive a dedicated project home. Introduction to Philosophy View Homepage Digital Humanities Project Project lead: Sarah Ketchley, University of Washington Literature Reviews for Edu & Nursing Students Project lead: Linda Frederiksen, Washington State University Vancouver Financial Strategy for Public Managers Lead author: Justin Marlowe, U of Washington Foundations of Biology Project lead: Tim Dolan, Greenfield Community College The Open Anthology of Earlier American Literature Lead editor: Tim Robbins, Graceland University Global Perspectives on Gender Lead editor/author(s): Nadine T. Fernandez and Katie Nelson Equity Literacy Project Lead editor/author(s): Stephanie Whalen and Chris Dobson, Harper College Antología Abierta de Literatura Hispana Lead editor: Julie Ward, University of Oklahoma OpenStax/Pressbooks Conversion - Biology Project Lead: Zoe Wake Hyde, Rebus Community Ancillaries: Principles of Social Psychology Lead author: Rajiv Jhangiani, KPU Authoring Open Textbooks (Guide) Project lead: Karen Lauritsen, OTN Peer Review Working Group Lead: To Be Determined Media, Society, Culture & You Lead author: Mark Poepsel Global Regions: World Regional Geography Project lead: Kris Olds, UW-Madison Media Innovation and Entrepreneurship View Homepage Programming Fundamentals Lead: Dave Braunschweig Open Pedagogy Lead editors: Kimberly Hoffman and Alexis Clifton Inclusive Version:Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous The Big Book, the basic text of Alcoholics Anonymous, was originally published in 1939 by AA founders Bill W. and Dr. Bob. Its contents have worked for decades to keep thousands of people sober, and are considered sacred and untouchable by many. However, many alcoholics that have a desire to stop drinking using the program of AA are repelled from the fellowship because of some of the language in the Big Book - specifically with regards to gender and gender roles, and the Judeo-Christian bent of its spiritual suggestions. The Inclusive Version of the Big Book will ensure the basic text of Alcoholics Anonymous is as inclusive as possible to even the most marginalized alcoholic, in keeping with the concepts, traditions, and the basis of the fellowship throughout its history - that our primary purpose is to carry the message to the alcoholic who still suffers. Music Theory Tutorial Leads: Andre Mount and Allison Brown Agent-Based Evolutionary Game Dynamics Lead: Luis R. Izquierdo Research Methods in Psychology Leads: Carrie Cutler and Dana Leighton First Year Seminar Readings Lead: Cathie LeBlanc Marking Open & Affordable Courses Leads: Michelle Reed, Sarah Hare, and Jessica Kirschner UNESCO Open Education for a Better World Project Lead: Naomi Wahls CORE 8: Early Childhood Courses Lead: Jennifer Paris and Amanda Taintor
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