Textbook Success Program

Topic Replies Activity
Session 4: Team Building 12 November 21, 2019
Session 3: Marketing and Communications 2 November 12, 2019
Session 2: Framing your project & project scope 26 November 11, 2019
Project Homepages 4 November 8, 2019
Session 1: Introductions 1 October 25, 2019
About the Cohort

The inaugural cohort of the Textbook Success Program features 8 open publishing projects from multiple institutions across Canada and the USA. :books: Take a look at the projects, teams, and participating institutions: …

10 October 18, 2019
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Textbook Success Program? The Textbook Success Program is the pairing of a 12-week course and a monthly check-ins regimen for teams creating open textbooks. Participants will join a group made up of project t…

1 August 20, 2019
About the Textbook Success Program

Textbook Success Program The Textbook Success Program is a professional development package that equips faculty, librarians, administrators, and managers with the tools they need to make great open textbooks. Participant…

1 August 20, 2019