About Soil and Water Conservation

Lead editor/author(s): Colby Moorberg
Project Title: Soil and Water Conservation: An Annotated Bibliography
Lead editor/author(s): Colby Moorberg
License: CC BY
Subjects: Agriculture, Soil Science, Soil and Water Conservation

This open textbook is an annotated bibliography that curates freely-available online content related to soil and water conservation. Cited resources include extension bulletins, government reports, technical bulletins, and more. The textbook is designed for upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses on soil and water conservation, as well as conservation practitioners. For more information, please visit this site.

You can see the active call for contributors here: Call for Participation - Soil and Water Conservation

If you know you’d like to participate, please fill out the form in the call for contributors (like above).

If you’re excited by this project, but still not sure where you’d like to get involved, just sign up to the forum, and post below for project updates. Give us an idea of your background, particular area of expertise, and interests. We’ll follow up and make sure we find ways to have you participate!

This project couldn’t happen without your participation. All contributing authors will be credited prominently in their chapter, the book, the metadata and promotional materials. All editors, reviewers and other contributors will also be credited.

The Table of Contents is as follows:

Chapter 1 - Introduction
1.1 - Introduction
1.2 - World History of Agriculture, Erosion, and Conservation
1.3 - Inventory of Soil and Water Resources

Chapter 2 - Key Concepts in Soil Science
2.1 - Basic Concepts in Soil Science
2.2 - Soil Quality
2.3 - Soil Health
2.4 - Soil Survey

Chapter 3 - Soil Erosion Processes
3.1 - Wind and Water Erosion
3.2 - Streambank Erosion
3.3 - Coastal Erosion

Chapter 4 - Soil Conservation Practices
4.1 - Farmland Conservation
4.2 - Stream and Streambank Conservation
4.3 - Wetland Conservation
4.4 - Coastline Conservation
4.5 - Conservation on Construction Sites and Disturbed Areas
4.6 - Forest, Range, and Wildland Conservation

Chapter 5 - Rehabilitation of Problem Soils
5.1 - Soils with Extreme pH
5.2 - Saline, Sodic, and Saline-sodic Soils
5.3 - Compacted Soils

Chapter 6 - Water Quantity and Quality Conservation
6.1 - Introduction to Hydrology
6.2 - Drainage
6.3 - Irrigation
6.4 - Water Conservation Principles and Practices
6.5 - Managing Watersheds for Water Quality
6.6 Water Quality in Urban Watersheds

Chapter 7 - Conservation Practices in a Broader Context
7.1 - The Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP)
7.2 - Conservation Practices and Climate Change

Chapter 8 - Conservation Agencies and Policies in the US
8.1 - Soil and Water Conservation Agencies in the US
8.2 - Soil and Water Conservation Policies in the US

Chapter 9 - Careers in Soil and Water Conservation
9.1 - Careers in Soil and Water Conservation
9.2 - Education
9.3 - Professional Societies
9.4 - Professional Certifications, Licensing, and Credentials

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Want to help make an open textbook for soil and water conservation? Find out how to contribute here: https://sites.google.com/ncsu.edu/open-soil-science/soil_water_conservation?authuser=0

As a quick update for everyone, we are now up to 25 contributors that have signed up with the project. The contributors have been mostly from within the soil science/soil and water conservation world. Progress on the book seems to be moving along well.


Hey Colby - that’s fantastic news! Congrats! What a great response. Can’t wait to see what you all do together.

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