About the Cohort

The inaugural cohort of the Textbook Success Program features 8 open publishing projects from multiple institutions across Canada and the USA. :books:

Take a look at the projects, teams, and participating institutions:

  • Open Access BC Litigation Practice Manual
    Canadian Legal Information Institute
    Alisa Lazear (@alazear)

  • Critical Edition with Ancilliaries of Fisher’s "The Island Heritage. Episodes from the Missionary History of Fernando Poo, West Africa. A Play for Young People"
    SUNY Geneseo and Alfred University
    Susanna Castillo Rodriguez, Kerry Kautzman (@kautzmka), Samantha Dannick (@dannick), Amanda Wentworth (@wentworth), Alessandra Otero, Allison Brown (@allisonbrown), Alexis Clifton (@alexisclifton )

  • Interpreting Advanced Computer Networking for Business Professionals
    SUNY Delhi
    Matthew Heath Van Horn, Carrie Fishner, Allison Brown (@allisonbrown), Alexis Clifton (@alexisclifton )

  • Nursing Research and its Impact on Population Health Initiatives
    CUNY, Nassau Community College, Suffolk
    Joan Buckley (@joan.buckley), Marcia D. Williams-Hailey, Jeanine Cook Garard, Mary Ann Snow (@maryann.snow), Mary Joseph (@mary.joseph1), Joy Borrero, Alice Tobin, Christine Faraday, Allison Brown (@allisonbrown), Alexis Clifton (@alexisclifton )

  • I Too
    SUNY Oneonta
    Howard Ashford, Ed Beck, Allison Brown (@allisonbrown), Alexis Clifton (@alexisclifton )

  • Public Relations
    SUNY Oswego
    Joe Stabb (@joseph.stabb), Laura Harris, Allison Brown (@allisonbrown), Alexis Clifton (@alexisclifton )

  • Teaching in the University: Learning from the Experiences of Graduate Students and Early Career Faculty
    Virgnia Tech
    Donna Westfall-Rudd (@mooredm), Jeremy Elliott-Engel, Courtney Vengrin, Anita Walz (@arwalz)

  • Language Learning in Quebec
    Concordia University
    Walcir Cardoso (@walcir.cardoso), Anne-Marie Sénécal, Michael Barcomb, Chloe Lei (@chloe.lei)


Okay, I’m dropping bakc in because my assorted other projects have wrapped up … trying to navigate all the new pages and formats. (I also jumped back into freecodecamp and seems a similar setup…) anyway, this post says there’s a reply but I can’t find one… and … what is the best way to get back to the overall topics list?

Hi Sue, hope you’re well! I see you’ve also posted in your project discussion space, reviving the thread, so I’ll follow-up there! :slight_smile:

Hello Apurva,

Looks exciting. I’m glad to participate. Mary Ann

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Hi Apurva, just to let you know, you’ve actually tagged my husband’s Rebus account rather than mine here :slight_smile: I’m @alexisclifton if folks want to get in touch.

woops. Just fixed that.

Thanks! He’s a nice guy and all, but probably not helpful in this particular arena. :grin:

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Love seeing OpenEd families!


Whoops! So sorry Alexis (and Scott). I’m surprised I hadn’t made the connection before! :smiley: Thanks @LeighKP for sorting that out!