About the May 2020 Cohort

The second cohort of the Textbook Success Program features 6 open publishing projects from 10 institutions and organizations across North and South America. :books:

Take a look at the projects, teams, and participating institutions:

  • MATH 135: Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning
    Stevenson University, University of Wisconsin โ€“ La Crosse
    Mark Branson, Whitney Dregne
  • FTWL 106: Lifelong Fitness and Wellness
    Salisbury University
    Zachary Townsend (@zmtownsend), Susannah Taylor, Maureen Reb, Bonni Miller
  • World Music
    Carroll Community College, Hartford Community College
    Robin Armstrong (@RobinArmstrong) , Karen Rege, Frances Cincotta (@fcincotta)
  • Exploring Childrenโ€™s Literature
    Jenny Piazza (@jenny.piazza), John Redmond-Palmer (@john.redmondpalmer), Lona Oerther (@lona.oerther), Denise Henry, Jonathan Poritz (@poritzj)
  • Foundations for the K-12 Open Textbook
    Library of the National Congress
    Werner Westermann (@wernerwestermannj)
  • Case Studies in Community Psychology Practice: A Global Lens
    Community Wellness Institute, Adler University, National Louis University
    Geraldine Palmer, Judah Viola, Todd Rogers