Adding Editor to Book

(Robin DeRosa) #1

Is it possible to add another person to my book to give them full editing privileges? I can’t quite figure out how to do that. The book is public, but I only want one other specific person to be able to have admin access on the book (and maybe not on all of my books, but just a particular one). Anyone?


(Robin DeRosa) #2

Oh wait-- I think I found the “Add new user” section. Should be all set. Trying it out. Thanks!


(Robin DeRosa) #3

Doh. It is saying “that email is not allowed.” Is that bc Rebus needs to invite her in?


(Zoe Wake Hyde) #4

Hi Robin! Sign ups are limited at the moment to certain domains so if you let me know the email address of the person you’re looking to add, I can whitelist it. If they’re wanting to use a gmail account or other common domain, let me know and I’ll just need to have a quick word with @hugh about how we want to handle this.

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