Alt text for music notation?

(Allison Brown) #1

Does anyone have any experience with providing alt text for music notation? I’m having trouble locating examples or information on this. We have images such as the following in a couple texts that need alt text added:


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(Hugh McGuire) #2

@jmitchell @michelle.reed either of you have ideas about the above ? or know who might?

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(Apurva Ashok) #3

@cgreen, this conversation as it might be of interest. I’m also wondering if you had encountered the same question when you started work on the Sight Reading for Guitar open textbook, and if you perhaps found some answers you could share?

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I do not, but it seems there are some smart people who do. A quick google search revealed:

(Hugh McGuire) #5

thanks @jmitchell … you are the best.

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(Allison Brown) #6

Thanks @jmitchell and @hugh :grinning:! One of those links talks about ABC music notation, which looks to be one of the oldest and simplest way to notate music. There’s even a free program that will translate xml files into the ABC format, and since I thankfully have all those files, this project will be at least a little less painful than I anticipated!