Alternative big book, or changes to the current big book?

Should we work on this edition as an alternative to the current big book that is approved by World Services, or should we attempt to work our changes into the next or a future edition of THE Big Book?

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Thinking out loud here…I think it’s always good to be able to give improvements back to original works if/whenever possible! But I’m not sure if you’re already involved in future editions of ‘the big book,’ and coordinating additions/improvements to it would be easy. If you are, then working changes into the book may work well. If you’re not, there still may be ways to create your edition with some modularity/flexibility so that when the time comes, it can be easily transferred back to ‘the big book’ – so it gives you the version of the book that you and others on the team need and would like to use, while also being a valuable resource that can be drawn on for updates to ‘the big book’.