Billy Meinke, University of Hawaii at Manoa


Aloha everyone.

I’m Billy Meinke, OER Technologist for UH (at Manoa). I previously worked as an Instructional Designer for the Distance Course Design and Consulting (DCDC) Group inside UH. I also worked on the Education team at Creative Commons for a few years. I’m taking over the OER program at UH now, and am working with our system IT department, libraries, and our network of colleges to build out a Pressbooks-based open textbook project.

I came across the Rebus project by way of a blog post by Mike Caulfield, and discovered this community while at OpenEd16. I’m excited to see what others are doing around collaborative OER development.

I’m @billymeinke on Twitter if ya’ll do that.

(Zoe Wake Hyde) #2

Hi Billy, great to have you here! Look forward to seeing how your work develops with UH and hope you enjoy the rest of the conference.