Cyril Oberlander, Humboldt State University Library & Press


Hello REBUS Community,

Looking forward to participating in the building of a new collaborative model for open textbook publishing. I am the Library Dean at Humboldt State University, we recently started the Humboldt State University Press and have 3 open textbooks in editorial process. From my previous experience starting the Open SUNY Textbook, I realize the incredible value with a community approach, and have been very pleased with the results. Looking forward to conversations about the new collaborative model.

Best wishes,


(Zoe Wake Hyde) #2

Thanks Cyril, it’s wonderful to have someone with so much experience join us! We very much look forward to working with you too.


(Hugh McGuire) #3

@cyril.oberlander Welcome ! Looking forward to seeing if we can find some good projects to work on together!