Downloading Scores

First, let me say that I love this book and that it was published for open source. The quality of the content and the publishing are both great. Thank you very much for all the time, expense, and effort, that you have given freely to the community.

The question I have is how or where can I download all of the scores? I downloaded the book in PDF for reference if I am offline but to get the scores for practice, it appears I’d have to go through the entire book and download them individually. Is there a download like a zip file or otherwise for the scores and, if possible, even the midi files? If not, could there be?



We’re so pleased that you’ve been using the book and been happy with it so far! If you haven’t yet, I’d encourage you to fill out our Adoption Form so we can learn more about how you’re using the text.

The team is currently working to have a combined PDF of all the scores, as well as a shared folder of MIDI files. These will be linked to from the book’s appendix as soon as they are ready. Your request is a good reminder for us to work quickly as these files can be very handy for adopters! We’ll keep you posted, and see if any arrangements can be made in the interim.