Epistemology [ed: Brian Barnett]

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This thread will be for discussions related to the Epistemology book of the Introduction to Philosophy open textbook series. See the full project summary.

Book Summary:
Please view the book outline for a full list of all the chapters.

How to participate:
We’re currently looking for chapter authors in this book.

Each chapter will be roughly 2500-2800 words. If you’d like to claim a chapter, check out the outline below, add your name, and comment to let us know which chapter you are interested in taking on.

Relevant Documents:
Book Outline – This doc gives an overview of the part and details each of the chapters to be written.
Chapter Assignments – Want to claim a chapter? Look at the chapters that need an author, and let us know in below, or in the volunteer thread.
Author Guide – Read this guide to find out more about what committing to author a chapter involves.

Team: @brian561 (book editor), @clhendricksbc (series editor), @zoe (Rebus project manager), @apurva … and you?

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