Ethics [ed: George Matthews]

Hi @christina.hendricks! I’m a little behind as I was away last week, but I’ve just uploaded & formatted chapters 2 & 6. Take a look and let me know if anything should be changed, and then I can work on whatever else is ready. A few questions:

  • Are the red “example” boxes OK for the box features, or did you want the plain shaded boxes?

  • Are the bolded terms glossary terms that will be defined? If so, if you have the glossary to share I can be adding in the definitions as I go. Otherwise, I can tag them as you see in these chapters, and the definitions can be added later. If not, I’ll revert the back to simple bolded text.

  • Is the author information added correctly? You didn’t want them added using the metadata forms in the pages, correct?

Lastly, FYI I’m leaving in the chapter number in the title field until all the sections are uploaded. When everything is there, I’ll delete those and the autonumbering will be correct.

Thanks for the update, @allisonbrown! Here are some thoughts:

  • I think the example boxes are good; I like that there is a header on them. I played around a little bit with the colour of the shading behind the main text because I wanted it a bit more just grey. I may play around a bit more with it. But let’s go ahead and use the example boxes and we can change the colour of those quite easily globally.

  • The bolded terms are for future versions of the book. I wanted to put the terms in bold on the google docs so we have a record of what terms we would like to add to a glossary, but the glossary hasn’t been written yet! So in PB they don’t even need to be bold, but I’m keeping the bold in the google docs as a reference.

  • Between the time when I originally wrote the doc on formatting the text and just the last few days, we found a way to display the license correctly at the end of each chapter with the author’s name in the metadata. I’ve redone that section in the formatting doc instructions!

Also, though this wasn’t in your list: something isn’t quite working with the media attribution at the end of chapter 2, possibly because I just only now enabled media attributions on the book! Can we do the media attributions using the instructions on the formatting doc for images?

Thanks so much!

Hi @christina.hendricks

I’ve added all the media attributions as noted in the instructions, but for some reason, only one will display :confused:

I removed all the bolded terms.

Apparently I don’t have the ability to add users or authors, so I can’t list the individual chapter authors and license. Can you bump up my privileges or add in all the authors so I can mark the chapters correctly?

Otherwise, I’m ready for more chapters!


Thanks, @allisonbrown! I changed your role to “administrator” so you can add users/authors. I am not sure what’s up with the media attributions…maybe @apurva can help when she is back in the office next week.

I’m out of town for the weekend at a wedding but will try to work on a chapter or two while I’m away. The ones that are ready to go into Pressbooks at the moment (besides 2 and 6) are chapters 3 and 4.

It looks like the images need to be reinserted into the pages for some reason to get the attributions to show up. Is the preference that there be no caption, just the attribution listed at the bottom of the page?

On the Philosophy of Mind book we just did the attribution at the bottom. I can’t recall if there is a particular reason for that. @Apurva would probably know, but she’s out of the office this week. Maybe she can weigh in when she returns! we could leave the images in the remaining chapters out for now until we finalize what we’re doing!

@allisonbrown — Preference is that the images have alt-text, if they are not decorative, and attributions, at minimum. Captions would be good to have too, though I think with Philosophy of Mind, the issue we faced was having a title or caption that would be meaningful enough and different from the alt-text. See some of the suggestions we had for one of the images in chapter 5: Philosophy of Mind [ed: Heather Salazar]. Perhaps @xolotl, who did the formatting on this book, can share a bit about the thought process behind when to include/leave out image captions?

Are the media/image attributions displaying correctly once the images have been reinserted? If not, please let me know and I can troubleshoot.

I just went through chapter 8 and finalized it for inputting into Pressbooks, @allisonbrown (after copyediting by @metatechne). So that one is ready to go!

Also, I noticed that there are anchors for the headings in each chapter. I haven’t used those before, and am just wanting to make sure they don’t cause any issues with accessibility for exports (a question for @apurva!). The only internal links I expect us to use is to entire chapters rather than headings, but I also am not really sure of all the possible uses for anchors for headings. They have random strings of letters and numbers identifying them, and perhaps it would be useful to give them ID’s that are more meaningful? That depends, of course, on how we might use them! So I guess this is me just asking for more information about internal anchors.

Thanks, everyone! We are getting closer!

You can definitely add internal links and anchors with meaningful IDs! See the chapter on Internal and External Hyperlinks in the Pressbooks User Guide for more details and instructions. As for the anchors in headings in each chapter, these should not cause any issues in exports.

I did notice that there were some extra and unnecessary <div> tags and classes (like Import-Normal) from the import process, which should be deleted for a cleaner file! @allisonbrown — would this be something you can clear up using the Search and Replace tool once all the chapters are in perhaps? If not, no worries, I can jump in. Let me know! And it seems that the chapter numbering tool is on, so I don’t think it’s necessary to include the chapter number in the chapter title — would you agree, Christina? With Philosophy of Mind, we used the auto-numbering feature in Pressbooks for the chapters and part.

I’ll note that this is one of the first times that I’m looking at this book in as much detail, and it looks great! It’s amazing to see how much the team has learned from the Philosophy of Mind book, and how quickly things have moved on this book. Excited as we get closer to release! :raised_hands:t5:

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@christina.hendricks All set with Ch. 7. I can turn to Ch. 5 once that’s ready for copyediting. Do you happen to have an estimate as to when you think that might be? (Just for my own planning.)

(Side note: @apurva Is there any way I can have the account @colleen_cressman deleted? I made it by mistake a while back. I exclusively use @metatechne.)

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Sure thing! I see that there is no activity on that account, so nothing will be lost from existing conversations on the forum if it is deleted outright (the alternative would have been to remove your email and anonymize the account). I’ll do that now, and send you a confirmation over Direct Message.

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Thank you @metatechne! I am not sure when Chapter 5 will be ready; let me check with the book author and get back to you.

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Hi @metatechne–just a quick update. The book editor and I are looking at chapter 5 as we speak and I’ll let you know when I have a better sense of when it might be ready for copy editing. Hopefully soon!

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@allisonbrown Just to let you know, Chapter 7 is ready for inputting into Pressbooks after copy editing and my review. Thank you!

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It’s all set! Sorry I didn’t let you know sooner.

No worries! The book editor said he’d get to the Acknowledgements next week, and we just now have chapter 5 ready for copy editing.

So, @metatechne, chapter 5 is in the publishing copies folder now. There is just one leftover citation issue I need to deal with (see comment on the chapter). Then the Acknowledgements from the book editor should be ready soon.

Getting closer!


This is great news, @christina.hendricks. I’ll be able to take care of Chapter 5 – and if ready, the acknowledgements – by EOD Saturday. Apologies for not being able to get to it sooner; this week is a bit hectic for me!

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That’s absolutely fine! I completely understand things being hectic. Whenever you can get to it is good (and I’m not sure when the Acknowledgements will be ready…I’ll check on that if it’s not ready by the end of the week). Thank you!

@metatechne The Acknowledgements, as well as blurb of praise for the book, are now in the publishing copies folder for this book. I am hoping we can get the book published by mid-December if possible, so people know about it in time for January courses. Please let me know what your timeline looks like!

I took a look at Chapter 5 and it looks like just a couple of citations to check? For the ones to Mill’s Utilitarianism, I think there are two different versions cited. And perhaps we could just reference a free version on the web? It would be useful for students to know such a free version exists, so even if we don’t end up using one as a citation maybe we could put it in the suggested readings? For example, there is the Project Gutenberg version. What do you think?

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@christina.hendricks Yes, you’re correct; I just have some formatting left to do for Ch. 5 And I agree with your suggestion on the Mill. I will be done no later than the end of the week! (Whew, sorry that dragged out a bit.)

I’ve completed the edits for the Acknowledgements (a few things there I alerted to you in the comments) and the blurb.