Ethics [ed: George Matthews]

This looks great! Thanks so much, Apurva.

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I’ve been able to replicate it at a single size on iBooks, as well. It’s an odd occurrence, so I will pass along a report to the Pressbooks team to help identify the error. As you noted, this isn’t a major issue to halt production on the book, but will be good to notify the team about!

No problem! Let me know whether we’re ready to update the PDF files for print-on-demand. :slight_smile:

Hi Apurva, yes, I think we’re ready to go with the PDF files for POD!

Excellent, thanks! I’ll update the files in that case.

@christina.hendricks — Pressbooks has resolved the print PDF issue about displaying URLs in the footnote (this will also be fixed in the Logic book, where the problem also surfaced). I’ve updated the book’s version history accordingly and pulled a new set of exports. I’ll also update our print-on-demand page in Lulu with the new print PDF file. :slight_smile:

Wonderful–thank you!

Recently someone filled out the feedback form for the series and reported an issue with the ODT file for the Ethics book:

The “OpenDocument” download at reports “Read Error. Format error discovered in the file in sub-document content.xml at 1,393857(row,col)” when trying to open it in LibreOffice 6.4 in Xubuntu 20.04 LTS.

I just downloaded Libre Office for Mac (ver. and tested it out, and ran into the same problem. Here is the error message I get (just slightly different from above).

Read Error. Format error discovered in the file in sub-document content.xml at 1,398652(row,col)

I don’t know if this is anything that can be addressed? I can open the .odt file in Open Office (though the formatting is wonky, but at least the content is there), but not in Libre Office.


Hi Christina, thanks for passing this report along. I’ve been able to replicate it on my end too, and have submitted a report to the Pressbooks team so they can investigate further.

I have been able to open the ODT file with MS Word and Open Office, so I suspect that there may be something very specific to how the file is created that is triggered in Libre Office. I’ll keep you posted when I hear more from the Pressbooks team.

@christina.hendricks sorry for the delay! I’ve reported the issue to the Pressbooks team on GitHub. They note that the ODT exporter has not been updated in a few years, since it is not a very commonly used format, and that looking into the error and improving the exporter will be a heavy lift for them. Since the file opens in MS Word and Open Office, I’d suggest the user try those softwares instead of Libre Office. I hope the Pressbooks team will eventually be able to troubleshoot and fix the error with Libre Office, but the timeline is uncertain I’m afraid.

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