Ethics [ed: George Matthews]

@christina.hendricks Happy to take care of the copyediting for the remaining phil mind docs!


@christina.hendricks Author bios, introduction, and Ch1 are complete.

As you add more files to this folder, I’ll keep going.

Thanks! I plan to review more docs either today or tomorrow…

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@metatechne Chapters 2 and 3 are in the publishing copies folder, ready to be copy edited!

And hello to @allisonbrown, who has kindly volunteered to do the inputting and formatting into Pressbooks for this book! Allison, Colleen has done the copyediting work on the first few chapters, but I haven’t re-read them and finalized them yet. Right now I’m also going through the rest of the chapters in the book to ensure they’re ready for copyediting and then handing them off to Colleen. So, short story: we should be ready to start inputting things to a book shell soon.

@allisonbrown can you send me an email with the email address you’d like to use for (or do you already have an account?). Please send to Then we can get you started as an admin on the book there. Oh, and I’ll also need to share the google docs folder with the chapters–can you let me know which email address you use for google docs?

Thanks, everyone!

Just a quick update–I am working on reading the chapters before sending them to Colleen for copy editing, and have a few questions for the authors with Chapters 4, 5 and 8 (I skipped 6 and 7 but am getting to those next). I put chapter 8 into the publishing copies folder because I thought it was going to be ready to go but it’s not quite there yet, so please ignore that for the moment.

@metatechne I started converting the works cited list on chapter 8 to Chicago Author-Date; should I do that for the rest of the chapters too? That could save you some time. I asked everyone to do it but I don’t think it has happened.

@allisonbrown I am getting the book shell up and running soon on Pressbooks and there are a couple of chapters ready to start importing (Chapter 0 (Intro) and Chapter 1; I will go through Chapter 2 hopefully today and then it will be ready). I’ll let you know here when we’re ready to start, and give a few importing details so far as I know them.

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@christina.hendricks I don’t want you do have to do a lot of re-formatting, since that’s what I’m here for. But it would be a big help if you were able to just move any footnote citations to in-text citations (Lastname YYYY) and see that the citation is represented (even if incomplete) in the references list at the end.

NB: Author-date has a number of formatting differences from the traditional footnote-bibliography style beyond the above, so I can still do most of the formatting. But this way it will be a little less like I’m constructing a lot of the citations and more like I’m just sprucing them up, haha.

@metatechne Got it! Will do for the other ethics chapters…

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@metatechne Chapters 6 and 8 are now ready for copyediting! Chapter 6 just has a couple of questions left that I need to ask the author about.

I haven’t read through chapter 7 yet, and I’ll be away w/o a computer for the next 4 days so it will be after that!

@christina.hendricks Thanks, Christina! I’ll be able to knock those out this weekend.

I hope you enjoy your time away!

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Sounds good! Should I go ahead with the Intro and chapter 1? I’ve logged into the book, and have access to the Google folder so I’m ready to go when you are.

Hi Allison–sure, you can go ahead with the intro. I just got a message from the editor of the book that the author of chapter 1 was asking for access to his chapter to possibly make further edits, and I’m finding out what that is about just because I think it’s fine as is.

I have been meaning to put together a list of some specific things we have been doing when importing chapters into Pressbooks, but haven’t had time yet (I was away from a computer for the last number of days). It’s all recorded on the Philosophy of Mind book thread, but that’s a pain to read through so I’ll see what I can do soon to write it up into a list.

@metatechne I just put Chapters 4, 6 and 7 into the publishing copies folder. Chapters 4 and 6 are ready to go except I am going to try to put some images in there. I have a minor question for the author on Chapter 7 and there are a few quotes there that need page numbers, so I’m checking with the author on those too. Then I’ll add images in that one.

Soon I can go back and review your comments on the other chapters you’ve copy edited!

Sounds good, @christina.hendricks.

So far, the completed chapters are: Chapter 1 (and ready for PB, you noted), Chapters 2 and 6 (ready for your review).

I’m now working on Chapters 3, 4, and 8.

@allisonbrown I have started a list of specific ways we’re formatting the books in this series, on a google doc. It is by no means finished, but it is a start. I have set it to “anyone with the link can comment,” so if something is missing or unclear please comment!

Hopefully sometime later today I can get to reviewing chapter 2 so it will be ready to go into PB.

I did a bit of work today…

@allisonbrown Chapters 2 and 6 are now ready to be put into Pressbooks. I did a bit of cleanup of the Ethics book in PB because when I cloned it from the Philosophy of Mind book it kept all the authors in there. And as noted on the document talking about how we’re formatting these books in PB, at the moment we need to leave the authors’ names out of the metadata section for each chapter or frontmatter/backmatter part.

@metatechne Chapter 7 is ready for copyediting (with a question or 2 in there for you). I think that’s the last one I need to review before copyediting except for chapter 5, which is still being worked on.

Thanks, everyone, and I should get to more things this weekend!

@christina.hendricks Knocked out Ch. 3 and 4. I’m now on to 7 and 8. After that, it’ll just be Ch. 5 left!

Great–thanks! I have fallen behind on this one while trying to get the Philosophy of Mind book ready (and while being on vacation twice! I’m back now…).

I’ll get to chapters 3 and 4 soon, and then they will be ready for @allisonbrown!

Quick update–I have been working on several projects, including getting the Philosophy of Mind book ready to publish (hopefully ready in the next day or so!), and have fallen behind on reviewing chapters for this one. I’m starting back up tomorrow, and will review all the ones that @metatechne has finished.

@allisonbrown I just want to check and see where you’re at with a timeline for getting the chapters into Pressbooks! I should have all the chapters ready (except chpt 5) for Pressbooks by the end of this week I hope.

@christina.hendricks I just have Ch. 7 to go. Almost there!

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Hi @christina.hendricks! I’m a little behind as I was away last week, but I’ve just uploaded & formatted chapters 2 & 6. Take a look and let me know if anything should be changed, and then I can work on whatever else is ready. A few questions:

  • Are the red “example” boxes OK for the box features, or did you want the plain shaded boxes?

  • Are the bolded terms glossary terms that will be defined? If so, if you have the glossary to share I can be adding in the definitions as I go. Otherwise, I can tag them as you see in these chapters, and the definitions can be added later. If not, I’ll revert the back to simple bolded text.

  • Is the author information added correctly? You didn’t want them added using the metadata forms in the pages, correct?

Lastly, FYI I’m leaving in the chapter number in the title field until all the sections are uploaded. When everything is there, I’ll delete those and the autonumbering will be correct.