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If you have suggestions about (or find errors in) the The Rebus Guide to Publishing Open Textbooks, this is the place to share them! Reply to this topic and let us know.

I finally looked at at Project Scoping. This is very well written! Some things to consider:

  1. Comments are not enabled on the book itself. From experimenting with comments on Programming Fundamentals, this seems to be a no-risk opportunity. Comments must be approved, so you can just take the feedback and delete it if you want. No one will see it otherwise.

  2. The overview assumes that the person reading would be the project manager. I don’t know if that’s true, or the person reading is wanting to be the primary contributor (the one with the vision for the book) who needs to now become a project manager in addition to having all of the ideas for the content. You’ve done more of these, so you have a better idea of whether you’re getting more project managers looking for subject matter experts (SMEs) or more SMEs looking for project managers.

  3. Regarding timeline, I would suggest targeting a particular semester. In my case, I’m either looking for a late July release to pilot for August-December, or I can step back and slow down and target a later release and pilot in January. An external target may help provide realistic timeframes and fallback dates.

  4. On Outline, I would recommend having the first chapter complete or close to complete, as this provides a template and structure that you are looking to follow for the rest of the book. Also, from an instructional design perspective, we’re supposed to start with the outcomes, and then build the chapters.

  5. Regarding software, I would caution against using anything that would limit who can contribute to the project. Very few would have access to InDesign, and even selecting Word could be a limiting factor for some. Pressbooks is a nice alternative because you have it, and it works in (most?) browsers.

  6. The Back Matter / Appendix page should be deleted or hidden if it’s not going to contain any content.

That’s all I see. Feel free to use or ignore as appropriate. :slight_smile:

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@dbraunsc Hi Dave,

Thanks for your detailed feedback!

We’ll certainly be making some edits to the project scoping overview based on your suggestions regarding the intended reader of the piece, targeting a particular semester, beginning with outcomes before building chapters, and being wary of using software that is inaccessible to team members.

I have hidden the Appendix page from the webbook – thanks for catching this!

If any other thoughts come to mind as you’re implementing these pieces, please let us know.

I would suggest adding a section on project documentation that including what is important to document, how to structure folder and files and organize project documents. Are there examples of logic models or theories of change? What is a good folder and file organization for a textbook project? For an entire OER project that include not only textbook ,but lab manuals and homework. I am trying to find some models for this now, so if you have some examples, they would be most welcome. Thanks!

I was viewing the videos, and there seems to be an issue with the quality of the sound–I cannot explain it well, but maybe you can check it out? Van

That’s a really good suggestion. We’ve seen some patterns emerge from projects that we’ve worked with, whether it’s organization based on stage or sections of the project (like a book, ancillaries, manuals, etc.). I am less familiar with research on logic models/theories of change, so perhaps can spend some time looking at this as we add to the guide.

For now, if you could describe the type of project you’re working with, I can think of some related/similar examples and share how they might have gone about documenting and organizing content.

As for the videos - could you possibly elaborate? Was the audio being cut off, or were there fluctuations in the volume? Was it on every video in the series, or just one or two? Any specific details you provide can help us narrow in on the issue to resolve. Thanks!