Fifth Monthly Check-in: January (complete the two polls!)

Hi Rebus cohort. It feels like it’s been a long time since we’ve talked, although it’s been the same amount of time as usual. Does the beginning of your semester feel as unnecessarily complicated as mine? It seems like the beginning of each semester is a barrage of new guidelines and protocols at my institution. Is that unique to my college?

@apurva and other Rebus team members have been discussing how to best serve your needs in Spring 2022 and, as we suggested in December, we’re moving towards a blend of targeted and group discussions. Instead of meeting as a large group next week, I’ll ask you to sign up for a 15-minute conference within a two-week period. Then, in February we’ll all meet back up to share our progress.

To help make this happen, I have two action items for you.

Action item one: Please have one team member sign up for a 15-minute conference time within the next two weeks (so, choose a time slot for between now and January 28th). Here’s the sign-up tool: Calendly.

Action item two: Please retake the Spring 2022 monthly check-in poll. We gathered some results a month ago, but Apurva let me know there’s slightly more flexibility in her schedule now. So, I’ve added new options: Spring 2022 poll for monthly check-ins (February, April, May).

If you have any questions, reply to this thread. I look forward to seeing most of you for the 15-minute conferences soon:)

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Thanks, Joel!! I’ll fill out the second poll, and will ask my colleague @joerdis to do so as well. I’m excited to introduce you all to Jördis, who will be joining your sessions down the road and supporting your project work. :smiley:

@may21-cohort — as you noticed, there was no group check-in today, as you are all required to meet with Joel 1:1 for a short ~15 minute conversation. The hope is that you can use this time to get more specific project support. You’re welcome to meet as a team, or just ask 1 representative from your team to chat with Joel. If you haven’t booked your slot yet, this is a gentle reminder to please submit this form and book your slot.

Don’t forget to also fill out the Spring 2022 poll for monthly check-ins in (February, April, May)!

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