Final Monthly Check-in: May

Hi @may21-cohort, I want to invite you to our final meeting! To wrap things up for our cohort, I’m providing a poll below, to see what times best work for all of us. I’ve seen your groups make outstanding progress over the last few months and this will be a time to share that with everyone else. In the meeting we’ll also cover a few things to nudge us towards a long-term view of the projects. We can use that time to review the M.O.S.T. grant deadline expectations as well.

Please vote in the poll for our May meeting. I’ve created several options in hopes that every team can attend: TSP Final Meeting Poll.

Also, here’s our TSP Final Evaluation. I’ll link to this evaluation again in the post-meeting announcement.

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Hi @may21-cohort, I’ll be jumping into our Zoom meeting soon (see the calendar invite), but for now I’m going to post a few of the links from today. Most of the time will be dedicated to presenting our projects. If you miss today’s session, please remember to 1) complete the MOST Grant Final Report (below), as well as the TSP Final Evaluation 2). I’ll likely send out one more announcement as a reminder.

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Hello @may21-cohort Please find an updated Zoom link to our session here: Launch Meeting - Zoom or in the calendar invitation.

See you soon,

@gladja0 Can you try the updated Zoom invitation?

Dear @kongmeinj,

It’ been such a pleasure hearing about the current state of your project today and see some of it contextualised as well.

Regarding your question concerning the Pressbooks directory, please get in touch with @apurva once you know your resource is in a final state. There is indeed a process that involves the Rebus Pressbooks Admin to add your book to the Pressbooks Directory. The conditions are:

  • your book meets Rebus standards — open license, all front and backmatter in place including review + accessibility statement, and book info + metadata
  • Once it is done, we will add the book to the catalog and gladly amplify the OER press release/announcement or any other comms!

I see that your project has agreed on another license, which is why I suggest you discuss such issues with us as soon as you feel ready to finalise the Rebus Pressbooks Submission.

Kind regards,

Hi @may21-cohort, I just wanted to quickly thank those who joined our final session and shared their progress. For those who couldn’t make it, I’m sending out this final announcement to congratulate you on completing the Rebus program and the MOST grant process. See below for the final checkout items.

As you finalize your projects, remember to touch base with Rebus (and me) when you’d like to begin the marketing process!

It’s been a joy to work with you. If you ever have any questions or would like to quickly troubleshoot something, I’ll continue receiving email notifications. We’re part of your team. Thanks @joerdis and @apurva for your excellent support.

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Congratulations!! It’s been great watching you all move forward with your respective projects throughout the year, and more importantly, to have connected with you as individuals eager to make an impact through education! :smiley: Thanks also to Joel for his excellent facilitation and support.