First Monthly Check-In - September 2021

Hi @may21-cohort! Believe it or not we’re a week away from our first monthly check-in. I’m really looking forward to seeing how your projects are moving along. In fact part of why I’m sending out this announcement a week early is to give you some time (and a nudge) if you need to catch up on the goal you established for yourself during Session 12.

Our check-in will be an opportunity to dive deeper into your updates, share successes, tackle specific challenges together, and set new goals for the next month. We’ll draw on our learning from Sessions 1-12, when applicable, and I’ll be there to troubleshoot with you in as targeted a manner as possible.

With that in mind, please arrived prepared to share your project updates. Screen-sharing is welcome. Also come prepared with any questions or challenges you might have (I’ll have a prompt that will help with this as well).

I hope you have a wonderful week. Refer to your calendar schedule for the Zoom link and exact time next Thursday, September 16th.

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Hard to believe a month has flown by! Monica will be away next week, so I’ll be stepping in. Looking forward to seeing everyone again, hearing how your projects are coming along, and jumping in where you need more support.

Hello! I will not be at this week’s session but my LOUIS colleagues will be sharing updates on how we did on our August goals :slight_smile: See you in October!

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Hi @may21-cohort, this is a quick nudge message. I look forward to chatting with you at 12:00 pm EST! I’m eager to hear your updates and troubleshoot with you.

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I am likely going to be late today. I am part of a team on campus, which the President and Provost lead. To work around their schedules we were called into a meeting today at the same time as this session.

No worries — hope you can drop by briefly to tell us how you’re getting on!

My goal for Sept-Oct is to complete chapters 3 and 4. There are currently 13 chapters, but that could change… :thinking: We have already started adding content to Pressbooks, and I am reviewing H5P for the interactive components (though Kristin is still on board to support development).

We expect to finish by April.

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By the October meeting, Chapter 1 will be 100% finished in Pressbooks.

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My goal for Sept-Oct is for our team to finish checking through book to see what accessibility issues we still need to address. We will also make a plan to address these issues.

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My goal for the rest of September and early October is to share more of the book with my current students (and maybe stop panicking about having a full-complete text by a certain date…maybe… :rofl:).

I will also try to get a more detailed set of notes for the remaining chapters.

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My goal for October will be experimenting some H5P activities to go with the text.

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Thanks for helping make our first monthly check-in so successful, @may21-cohort. We shared some updates related to the Open community and then spent most of the session focusing on your own projects.

A common theme was time management and workflow. @kkardiasmenos shared some of her own troubleshooting (such as sharing an early draft of a chapter with her students), and others weighed in on their attempts to work in their OER projects during the semester. @jonesb mentioned that their team tends to chunk their development throughout the year, based on “freer” parts of the year.

Now that we have a realistic idea of what OER development looks like during a semester, it’s a good time to establish our October SMART goals! Most who attended have already responded. If you have not done so yet, please respond to this thread with your updated goal(s) for the next month. This will allow our Rebus team to provide support in as targeted a fashion as possible.

Here are the links mentioned in the chat:

One last thing: If you would like one-on-one training in anything, feel free to reach out to me (in this thread of by DM). We can arrange a Zoom meeting if it would be helpful.

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Pressbooks link

It’s great to see you have a place for your book, Tracy. It’s obviously private now, which makes sense. Let me know if you’d like help getting content into your Pressbook or troubleshooting anything else over the next month. I’m excited about your project.