Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Textbook Success Program?

The Textbook Success Program is the pairing of a 12-week course and a monthly check-ins regimen for teams creating open textbooks. Participants will join a group made up of project teams from their institution as well as teams from other universities and colleges. The entire open textbook process, from ideation to adoption tracking, will be covered over the first 12 weeks. Once the course portion is complete, monthly check-ins with the group and the Rebus team will be held for nine months.

Who is the Textbook Success Program for?

The Program is for teams with institutional funding for OER creation. One to three team leaders per project should attend the course and check-ins. OER program coordinators from the institutions represented are also welcome. The goal is to create a supportive learning community, build an institution’s capacity for OER creation in the future, and encourage the growth of OER communities on campus.

I do not have institutional support, can I still participate?

The cost of the Textbook Success Program might be prohibitive to the individual and it is designed to teach OER creation while supporting institutional programs. That said, projects without institutional support can participate if they can raise the funds. They can also apply for the Rebus TSP subsidy for projects working on underserved disciplines and by underrepresented peoples. The subsidy will be available as of Summer 2020.

How many projects do I need to participate?

We’re aiming to fill cohorts with ten projects representing two institutions, but we also want to respond to the needs of a range of institutions. We accept single projects, but there is a discounted rate for institutions with more than three projects. Request a consultation, and let us know how many projects you have.

What kinds of projects do you accept?

We are looking for open textbook projects in the broadest sense. That can mean a book created from scratch, an adaptation, ancillary materials, or a combination of these. Because the creation process is iterative and cycles back on itself, projects can be at a variety of stages of creation and still benefit from the course and regular check-ins.

When does the Textbook Success Program begin?

We understand that the school year is busy for faculty and administrators so start dates and schedules are flexible. To schedule your start date, we will work together with you and the other members of your cohort.

Why is this a paid program?

Ever since we began supporting open textbook creation, we knew we would have to find ways to keep our services available in the long term. One way that we are doing that is to create infrastructure (a platform, guides, templates, etc.) that anyone can use and remains openly available, remixable, and customizable. In order to keep these tools free, updated, and relevant, we need to pay our people. Yes, we have funding from the Hewlett Foundation, but we are working on sustainable solutions for the organization and the community. As such, we have created a paid offering that will provide intensive and valuable guidance to teams with institutional support. The funds received from the Textbook Success Program will support the program itself as well as our other initiatives and regular operations.

Are the resources used in the Textbook Success Program open and licensed CC BY?

Yes! We’ll be using The Rebus Guide to Publishing Open Textbooks (So Far) which is open, licensed CC BY, and available in multiple formats. All other resources created for the Textbook Success Program will be open and licensed CC BY.

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