General Project Info: Peer Review for Open Textbooks

(Zoe Wake Hyde) #1

(Peer) review is a critical piece of the Open Textbook publishing process. In the context of Open, peer review does (at least) two things:

  1. it provides a assurance to those considering adopting an open textbooks
  2. reviewing is also a mechanism to build a broader community of people engaged with a given open textbook, who bedcome potential adopters.

This is a Working Group to help develop a robust approach to reviewing Open Textbooks.

Would you like to help?

Some of the questions we’re hoping to address with the working group are:

  • What should pre- & post-production review processes for open textbooks look like?
  • How can we enable faculty adopters & students to provide feedback directly to authors?
  • How can we leverage the peer review process to market the book to potential adopters?
  • How do we manage the concerns and uncertainty around any non-traditional aspects of the review process?
  • How might reviewers be compensated for their contributions?
  • What tools do we need to support the process?

If you would like to be part of this discussion, please reply below with your interest!

Note: The idea for this working group grew in part from our recent Office Hours session, looking at peer review for open textbooks. For anyone who wasn’t able to attend, you can read a recap or watch a recording of the session here.

Project Participants: @dquentel @klaurits @ccuillier @pjp33 @hugh @zoe

(Hugh McGuire) #2

I’m happy to participate!

(Deb Quentel) #3

I’d like to participate!

(Zoe Wake Hyde) #4

@dquentel Thanks Deb! Great to have you – we took lots of notes when you were talking about the CALI process during Office Hours so look forward to picking your brains more!

(Karen Lauritsen) #5

@zoe Count me in! Thank you!

(Zoe Wake Hyde) #6

@klaurits Thanks Karen – will be great to see how this group can be useful as you look at getting feedback on your Authoring Guide :slight_smile:

(Cheryl Cuillier) #7

Count me in!

(Zoe Wake Hyde) #8

@ccuillier Awesome, thanks Cheryl!

(Peter Potter) #9

I would be happy to take part if I can be useful

(Zoe Wake Hyde) #10

@pjp33 Absolutely! Thanks Peter & welcome.


I’d also be very interested if you need more people!

(Hugh McGuire) #12

@erin.davis Thanks erin! we’ll have more info coming soon.


@zoe I am interested in joining!


I would like to join if you still need more people.

(Hugh McGuire) #15

@lennertz excellent, welcome aboard! more info to come soon!

(Hugh McGuire) #16

@lisah1009 welcome & yes, always looking for more input, points of view. next step details to come shortly.


Hi I am interested!


@hugh :v:


I’m in as well!

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(Hugh McGuire) #20

@aludbrook @wmeinke awesome!

we’re close to having “quorum” I think, so we’ll start putting together a proposal for a vid conference meeting time soon, along with an agenda.