General Project Info: Peer Review for Open Textbooks

Thanks for putting this together, and glad to participate.

Thanks @lennertz, @anthony!

I would like to participate

Hello! I’d be interested in participating, but am wondering what the timeline/time commitment will be. Thanks!

Thank you for your consideration. I want to be part of the group.

@browna Hi Allison, To start it’s just one video call – out of which we’ll hope to develop a plan of action, and from there people will be able decide what bits of the plan of action they might like to take on…

@cacosta excellent ! welcome … more news to come.

I’m also interested in participating. Thanks!

Hi Everyone,

I’ve put together a Doodle poll with some possible times for our first call.

You can mark your availability here:

Doodle should note that these times are in EST but I will note that again here.

Please take a moment to mark the times that would be best for you.

Thanks, and let us know if you run into any difficulties.

Interested and have filled out the doodle :slight_smile:

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Thanks Brady!

I am interested in working on the support tools/technology. Particularly on how the tools/tech can enable community development, content feedback, and marketing of a book.

@nicholaspersa Thanks Nicholas, that’s an important perspective to bring and we’re right there with you! Look forward to talking more.

I’d like to be included in this discussion also. We currently pay for peer review when we initially launch a book.

@fisherdi Wonderful! Please be sure to add your availability for the call to this doodle:

I’d like to participate, thanks!

Thanks @mtorzar! Great to have you join us. I see you’re based in the Phillipines, are you? We’d love to have you join our call (you can indicate your availability here), but if the time difference gets in the way we’ll make sure we make notes or a recording available :slight_smile:

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@caileancooney Excellent! We’re planning out first call at the moment - let us know your availability on our Doodle poll when you get a chance.

Sorry about that @mtorzar, we’ll see if we can make things match up next time. I’m not sure just yet where we’ll house things, but will let you know next week once I set things up. Look forward to hearing your thoughts & having you involved.

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Hi Everyone,

The time that worked for the most people is Wednesday, May 3 from 3-4 p.m. EST.

The link to join the call will be

I will email you all a calendar invitation asap as well.