Hi! I'm Karen Lauritsen with the Open Textbook Network

(Karen Lauritsen) #1

Hi Everyone,

First, congratulations, Rebus team, on your launch! I’m excited to be here.

I’m with the Open Textbook Network as the director of publishing and collections. This is a new position created to support open textbook publishing across the network, and continue to maintain and grow the Open Textbook Library collections and functionality. I look forward to working together to support the whole open textbook ecosystem!

Outside of work, I’m a writer (or indie author, if you prefer) and gardener (novice, not master). I also enjoy improvisation (improv), and although I’m rarely on stage these days, I continue to embrace the “yes, and…” spirit, as I find it makes everything more fun.

Here’s to supporting one another in creating and sharing. Cheers!

(Hugh McGuire) #2

Hi Karen,

Looking forward to working with you to figure out OT publishing!

(Zoe Wake Hyde) #3

Thanks, Karen! Great to have you here :slight_smile: