introduce yourself


introduce yourself
My name is Trang and I am from Nam Dinh province/Vietnam. I am currently studying Finance and Economics at Van Lang University. I was raised in Binh Dinh and when I was 18 I moved to Ho Chi Minh city to take my university study. Last year I went to Da Nang city to join the school’s exchange program. During my exchange I went backpacking with other backpackers from all over the city to other province/city across Vietnam. It was a fun experience. I think I have been fortunate enough to be able to live in different parts of our country and thus be able to broaden my horizon.

I have a strong interest in banking and financial services industry. The reason is I’d like to leverage my detail-oriented mind and apply the skills and knowledge that I have attained throughout my degree courses. I see myself as a people-oriented and over-achiever person. I demonstrated this through working in various group projects with different types of people in which I had been able to perform well.

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@demhanvicohanoi Hi Trang, welcome to the Rebus Community! It’s great to hear about how some of your experiences in Vietnam have broadened your horizons.

Given your interests, I’ll note that Rebus has supported the Financial Strategy for Public Managers open textbook in the past. I’d encourage you to browse through the ongoing open textbook projects in the Rebus Projects platform to see if any align with your interests!