Introducing myself- Joan Buckley

Hello everyone, I am Joan Buckley. I teach in the Nursing Department at Nassau Community College and will be working with my colleagues from other schools of Nursing to provide an OER book that will encourage other nurses to understand the importance of research in the Healthcare field. Particularly when it is done by nurses.

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Hi Joan, welcome to the Rebus Community! It’s great to hear that you are a part of the coordinated effort to create Nursing OER. Are you working with others at Chippewa Valley Technical College? I know that they are also undertaking a collaborative project to create 5 OERs in Nursing.

There’s a lot of excellent work taking place in the healthcare field. I’d like to connect you with @Stan_Yu & Heather @exnerpirot, from University of Saskatchewan, who recently released Northern and Indigenous Health and Healthcare. Theirs was a very large project with over 50 contributors from around the world who took part. They may have a lot of tips to pass along to you, based on their experience with their project, and they may also be interested in the work that you’re doing!

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Thank you Apurva,

It took me a bit to see the next step but I appreciate the contact and will share with the other members of this project. You should be hearing from them soon if you haven’t already.


Looking forward to it!

You’re also welcome to set up a project home page and discussion space in this platform (instructions are in the Create a New Project thread). This can be a space to share your project summary, details, updates, as well as a point of communication with your team and others in the community who may be interested in following your project or contributing to it. :slight_smile: