Jonathan Poritz, math & computer science, Colorado State University-Pueblo

(Jonathan Poritz) #1

Hey, folks, happy to be here.
I’ve written a couple of open textbooks (one on number theory and cryptology for junior-level math majors, the other a one-semester intro to stats mostly for nursing majors and other non-math students who have a stats requirement) and used several in my classes.
A little while ago, I realized that I don’t ever again want to assign non-open educational resources (maybe “¬OERs”?) in my classes.
So I’m happy to join this community to learn about new projects happening now, and also to contribute to any for which I might be useful – e.g., if anyone needs a section with math or computers or something, I’m happy to jump in.

(Apurva Ashok) #2

Hi Jonathan, thanks so much for joining and welcome! We’d love to hear about your experiences creating these textbooks. We don’t have any math/computer OT projects just yet, but will definitely notify you when we do.