July Monthly Check-in

@feb20-cohort Our next check-in will take place on July 8. Some suggestions for topics for us to discuss include:

  • print-on-demand
  • assessing the efficacy of OER
  • EPUB formats
  • working with H5P content

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Let me know by the end of June which of these you’d most like to tackle next month (and the others can remain as candidates for future sessions).

In order of preference:
print on demand
working with H5P content
EPUB formats
assessing the efficacy of OER

I suggest two of these for July and two for August…

Thanks Jinny, this is very helpful!

@feb20-cohort - so far, it looks like our topic for the mini-session this July is going to be “working with H5P content.” Please take the time to indicate your preference by the end of the week, if you haven’t already! Thanks to those who have submitted their input already.