June Monthly Check-in

Our first monthly check-in will take place on June 10th. The check-ins will give us the opportunity to dive deeper into topics we’ve discussed over the first twelve weeks of the program, or to discuss something completely new. Is there something you’d like to explore at our upcoming session? Let us know below!

We’ve started this poll below with some preliminary suggestions, and can always add to it with your suggestions. If there’s a particular topic here you’d like us to address, vote for it (you can choose multiple topics)

  • Creating accessible tables in Pressbooks
  • Print-on-demand set-up screenshare
  • Specific frontmatter and backmatter types

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We’ll also use the check-ins as a space to highlight strides on projects, share updates, bring up any challenges you are facing, or ask questions. The check-ins will complement our discussions in the forum, so we’ll keep an eye out for conversations taking place outside the calls and make adjustments as needed.

@feb20-cohort reminder that our check-in is taking place in just a few weeks, on June 10th. Is there anything particular you’d like me to prepare or present about? Some suggestions are in the poll above, but more are welcome! Reply below with ideas more pertinent to your projects, or vote in the poll if the options here are interesting.