Kyle Denlinger, Wake Forest University (NC)

(Kyle Denlinger) #1

Hey everyone–I’m Kyle Denlinger, the eLearning Librarian at Wake Forest. Looking forward to working with this community!

(Hugh McGuire) #2

Hi Kyle! Welcome, glad to see you here. Do you have some Open Textbooks in the wings? Or, are you interested in helping get some other projects off the ground?

(Kyle Denlinger) #3

I don’t have anything of my own, save for an early OA information literacy text some colleagues produced before my time, which I now steward. It’s in serious need of attention–both revision and porting to another platform.

Other than that, happy to help with other projects.

(Hugh McGuire) #4

Interesting? Do you think that (someone) might be convinced to release that with a CC BY license (vs the current CC NC licence)?

That’s our price of admission for projects, see:

… Otherwise, we’re excited to find some other projects for you to contribute to ! :wink: