Library Publishing Forum ... anyone going to be there?

(Hugh McGuire) #1

Hi all,

I’m going to be at the Library Publishing Forum next week (May 8-10) … anyone going to be there, happy to meet up!


(Apurva Ashok) #2

@jessica.kirschner, OER Librarian at Virginia Commonwealth University, will be attending, I believe! It would be great if you both could meet up. Jessica is leading the Marking OER Courses project, along with @michelle.reed & Sarah Hare (@scrissin).

Jessica, Hugh’s been following your project closely, and has been excited to see the great progress being made all the way from scoping to where you are now, with peer review(!). I hope you both can find some time at the conference to chat. :slight_smile:

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(Hugh McGuire) #3

Superb, thanks @apurva … i think I’ll be sharing the stage with @michelle.reed, and @scrissin I look forward to meeting you!

(Hugh McGuire) #4

whoops! @jessica.kirschner, I hope we get a chance to chat at LPF!

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@hugh @jessica.kirschner @michelle.reed sorry to miss the forum next week–glad you all will have the chance to connect! :slight_smile:

(Allison Brown) #6

I’ll be there, as will my colleague Amanda Wentworth!

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