Logic [ed: Benjamin Martin]

Colleen, just a quick note that we’re still working on the image swaps, so that isn’t quite ready for your review as yet.

We have added a blurb of praise in the book, so you could take a look at that whenever you’re doing your review of the text. I think @christina.hendricks will notify you when we’re ready for this!

I’m back to working on this book series after having been focused on so much work happening at my regular job during the pandemic.

@Apurva, I was looking at the PDF exports for this book again, and noticed a couple of issues I wondered if you or anyone else might be able to help with.

  1. In the print PDF (not the digital one) the png images with the argument diagrams in chapter 1 have strange lines on them (weirdly the first diagram in chapter 1 is fine, but the rest look like this):

The same thing is happening on the print PDF for the ‘exercise solutions’ section starting on p. 58 (again, the digital pdf is fine).

  1. Footnote 1 in chapter 3 (p. 28 on pdf) is acting strangely on both print and digital PDF. On the bottom of the page it has the first couple of lines, but then the footnote is supposed to have a couple of ordered lists (as you can see on chapter 3 on the web). What has happened is that that section of the footnote has been put into the body of the chapter rather than in the footnote, in the PDF. It appears right after the sentence at the top of the page with the superscript 1, when it should be within the footnote. See screen shot below.

I’m thinking there is something strange with using ordered lists in footnotes, perhaps, since the footnote gets messed up at the first ordered list that is supposed to be in it?

Thank you for any thoughts/suggestions!

@metatechne Thank you for offering to do a final copy edit of this book in Pressbooks! I think we are ready for that now, except for the images in chapter 4 we have been discussing (still working on those). But if you could take a look at the rest that would be great. There are still some outstanding issues with the PDF exports as noted above, but the html version of the book in Pressbooks should be fine. Thanks again!

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Great! Thanks for letting me know, @christina.hendricks. I can start the final proof tonight. I’m going to prioritize this over the Religion MSS for now and will return to the latter after I finish.

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Hi Christina, sorry for the late reply! I’ve done some troubleshooting on both issues, but have had to contact the Pressbooks team for their input.

For the images — my tests indicate that replacing the pngs with jpg files seem to resolve the errors, but I’m waiting to hear from the Pressbooks team in case they can provide a solution that does not involve replacing the images. Given that the images display without an issue in the digital PDF and other formats, it may just be a setting in the print PDF that needs tweaking. I’ll let you know when I have more info.

As for the footnotes, I’ve run some tests to isolate the text and make sure it displays in the footnote area of the page, but it isn’t perfect. You suspected correctly - introducing lists inside the footnotes has caused the issue, but it should hopefully be resolvable. I’m coordinating with the Pressbooks team on this issue as well, and will keep you posted when I hear from them!

Thank you for spotting these issues. I’ll write back as soon as I have more news.

Hi Christina, the Pressbooks team is still working to fix some of these issues.

For the images, a quick fix will be to upload the images as JPG instead of PNG. Pressbooks hopes to resolve the error (which has to do with the profile in which the PDF is created) by switching to the PDF-X4 profile for the print PDF exports. This is currently being tested and may be resolved in the next 2 weeks, but the JPG option should give you a more immediate result.

For the footnotes, the main issue, if you don’t mind me getting a bit technical, is the fact that the footnote is treated as a span element in XHTML and Pressbooks’ Prince PDF export routine. Span is an inline element, which means that it isn’t capable of receiving block element children (such as lists, blockquotes, or multiple paragraphs). The Pressbooks team may be able to resolve this by treating footnotes as div elements, which are not inline, but this requires a bit more testing. I’m still waiting on an estimation of how long this will take. If we’re not able to wait, I’d suggest working with Ben and the author to see if the footnote can be edited to display without the lists, or perhaps revised to appear in the body text.

Sounds good, Apurva–thank you for the update. Looks like Inkscape (which is what I created the images in as svg) will only export as png. I can use the GNU Image Manipulation Program to export the svg or png to a jpeg though, so let me see how that goes.

I can also convert the images to JPG if necessary, so let me know if you need any assistance.

I’ve received an update from the Pressbooks team this morning: good news is that the issue with the image may be resolved as early as this week, so we can wait on that if necessary. The footnotes problem is likely to take a bit longer to test. The soonest we can expect an update on this is mid June.

Thank you, Apurva! I think let’s wait and see on the images if that can be resolved fairly quickly. I’d rather not convert and switch out all the images if we don’t have to!

Regarding the footnote, if the book is ready to go by then maybe we just try styling it differently so it doesn’t include a list. I’m not sure how that will look, though. I will put it on my to-do list to reach out to the editor about this.

Sounds good! Thank you for reaching out to Ben regarding the footnote. If I hear anything from the Pressbooks team about both issues, I will let you know.

Hi @apurva,

I did a little testing of the footnote issue, and I tried adding
tags to make line breaks between the numbered premises, instead of using a list element. But that isn’t rendering correctly on the newly exported PDFs either. I am not sure how to make breaks between the numbered premises and conclusion in any other way. Otherwise, we just get something like:

  1. All men are mortal. 2. Socrates is a man. 3. / Socrates is mortal.

That isn’t as clear. Is there no other way to do it in a footnote?

Hi Christina, from my tests, it looks like adding a faux line break with the Shift+Enter keys between the 3 lines introduces a line break in the PDF, however, removes the line break in the webbook. This is obviously not ideal! The Pressbooks team tells me they may have found a solution to our footnotes issue, so let’s wait to see if this resolves it? I hope to hear from them at the end of the week.

I also have good news about the images in the book: the png files in the print PDF export should now show up without any background noise or blurring. Pressbooks has made recent changes to resolve this issue.

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@christina.hendricks — the footnotes issue is part of the current Pressbooks sprint, and the team is hard at work to find a fix. They hope it will be resolved in the next two weeks, but given the complexity of the issue, are hesitant to say so with certainty. All this to say: if we do want to move ahead with the release, the best thing to do will be to edit the footnote (either by adding line breaks, editing the text, or other). If we prefer to wait, know that this could take anywhere from 10 or more days to resolve.

Let me know if you have any questions. I’m sorry this process has been more complicated and drawn-out than we initially anticipated.

Thanks, Apurva. So just to be clear, are these the existing options?

  1. Use <br> tag, which will give line breaks in the footnote in the webbook, but doesn’t solve the problem in the PDF
  2. Use faux line break with shift-enter, which will give line breaks in the PDF but not the webbook
  3. Put the footnote in to the text instead

For now, I’ve done the first option so it at least looks okay on the web, and I’ll update Ben that if we want this resolved quickly, the best thing to do is option 3, probably.

Thank you so much for your help, and please send along my deep gratitude to the Pressbooks team for working on this issue!

Hi @metatechne! I hope you’re well.

We’re nearly ready to publish this book I believe. We are working on one last problem with a footnote in chapter 3, but I think that’s it. I’m just wondering where you are with doing a final copy edit of the text?

Thank you!

Yes, those are the options. Thanks for reaching out to Ben.

I’m sorry none of them achieve quite what we wanted, but hopefully the permanent fix from the Pressbooks won’t be too far away. I’ll pass along your gratitude to the team :slight_smile: Thank you for your patience!

@christina.hendricks — I’m not sure if you’ve had a chance to review the options for the footnote issue as yet. Some good news if you haven’t: the Pressbooks team is planning to release a fix later this week. I’ll have a look to test whether the issue has been resolved and will write back by the end of the week.

@christina.hendricks I’m pleased to report that the footnote issue has now been resolved!

I wanted to flag a few things:

  1. I noticed two LaTeX equations not parsing or rendering correctly in Chapter 1 (footnote 1) and Chapter 3 (exercise 2). I’ve corrected these equations so they should display as intended.
  2. The URLs for hyperlinked text in footnotes is currently not displaying in the print PDF (there seem to be about 4 instances of this). The Pressbooks team has filed a ticket to resolve this issue: ideally, the custom CSS rules we’ve written should also apply to these elements.
  3. URLs for linked images in the book were being displayed in the print PDF, like so:
    Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 11.11.39

Linking an image means that it can be zoomed into - users can click on it in the webbook (separately or in an image lightbox). Obviously, this behaviour isn’t possible in the print book. So we’ve added a new CSS declaration .print .wp-nocaption a::after to the list of elements where we don’t display data-url. This ensures that the images in the print PDF are displayed without the URL (while they are still clickable in the web version and digital formats).

Please take a look at a new set of exports, and let me know what you think about the lists in footnotes in Chapter 3 and these other issues I have flagged. If all is okay, it’ll be good to decide whether you’d like to move ahead with release, or wait for a fix to #2 first.

Hi Apurva,

Wonderful news about the footnotes and lists issue! That looks great. And thank you for fixing the other issues (1) and (3).

I see what you mean about the URLs in the print version in footnotes–there are just empty parentheses there. I would go ahead without that being fixed but we’re still waiting on hearing from Ben about images in Chapter 4. And I’m not sure if Colleen has gone through a final copy edit yet (I’ll check with her); she may have been waiting until we get the images in Chapter 4 issues resolved.

We’re SO close on this one!

Alright, we’ll wait until Ben and Colleen are able to update us on the images in Chapter 4 and copy editing respectively and move ahead to release (regardless of where issue #2 is at).

We’re almost there — I’m very excited!