Logic [ed: Benjamin Martin]

Hi Christina, from my tests, it looks like adding a faux line break with the Shift+Enter keys between the 3 lines introduces a line break in the PDF, however, removes the line break in the webbook. This is obviously not ideal! The Pressbooks team tells me they may have found a solution to our footnotes issue, so let’s wait to see if this resolves it? I hope to hear from them at the end of the week.

I also have good news about the images in the book: the png files in the print PDF export should now show up without any background noise or blurring. Pressbooks has made recent changes to resolve this issue.

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@christina.hendricks — the footnotes issue is part of the current Pressbooks sprint, and the team is hard at work to find a fix. They hope it will be resolved in the next two weeks, but given the complexity of the issue, are hesitant to say so with certainty. All this to say: if we do want to move ahead with the release, the best thing to do will be to edit the footnote (either by adding line breaks, editing the text, or other). If we prefer to wait, know that this could take anywhere from 10 or more days to resolve.

Let me know if you have any questions. I’m sorry this process has been more complicated and drawn-out than we initially anticipated.

Thanks, Apurva. So just to be clear, are these the existing options?

  1. Use <br> tag, which will give line breaks in the footnote in the webbook, but doesn’t solve the problem in the PDF
  2. Use faux line break with shift-enter, which will give line breaks in the PDF but not the webbook
  3. Put the footnote in to the text instead

For now, I’ve done the first option so it at least looks okay on the web, and I’ll update Ben that if we want this resolved quickly, the best thing to do is option 3, probably.

Thank you so much for your help, and please send along my deep gratitude to the Pressbooks team for working on this issue!

Hi @metatechne! I hope you’re well.

We’re nearly ready to publish this book I believe. We are working on one last problem with a footnote in chapter 3, but I think that’s it. I’m just wondering where you are with doing a final copy edit of the text?

Thank you!

Yes, those are the options. Thanks for reaching out to Ben.

I’m sorry none of them achieve quite what we wanted, but hopefully the permanent fix from the Pressbooks won’t be too far away. I’ll pass along your gratitude to the team :slight_smile: Thank you for your patience!