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@oct19-cohort, thanks to everyone who attended our first check-in today! It was fabulous to hear about the progress you’re all making on your projects. Since there were a few resources shared in the chat, I wanted to start a new topic where we could follow-up with the transcript and links.

Take a look at the full chat transcript, or refer to this list for a look at what was shared on today’s call:

The last event reminds me: We’re sending out a special edition of our newsletter for Open Education Week, which runs from March 2-6, and would love to highlight any of your events taking place! If you’re hosting or participating in an OEWeek event, just share a link to your event page with @LeighKP by Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2pm ET.

I also wanted to drop in a link to our handout on Review and Feedback, for those of you interested in resources on classroom review. Stay tuned for a link to our Office Hours recording on the same topic!

Finally, note that our next check-in will be on March 13, at 1pm ET on our usual link. I’ll be sure to send out a reminder a day or two prior. Feel free to share updates, ask questions, or more in the discussion space in the meantime!

@oct19-cohort — Reminder that our next check-in is taking place tomorrow, at 1pm ET on Zoom (at our standard link). I look forward to hearing what you’ve all been up to! :slight_smile:

I’ll have to miss tomorrow - COVID-19 planning and workshops are on hyperdrive here. Have a great session!

No worries, thanks for letting us know.

I’ll mention it during the session as well: we’ll do our best to accommodate and help as many of you may be working with your institutions to prepare for COVID-19. If anyone has any questions about logistics, please let us know. Our doors are open to help!

Hi @apurva–late notice, but I’m also not on the call today because of lot’s of emergency classes and meetings about our campus going online. I’ll post some updates next week!

No worries! I understand.

We were a small group on the call today, and I heard a few good updates from Chloe, Alisa, MaryAnn, and Joan. Joe, sorry you had to drop off, but hopefully you can post an update below.

Our chat transcript is available, and I’ve put together a few notes from our session today:

  • We understand that many of you may be busy preparing at your institution, region, or home for COVID-19. Please take the time that you need. We’re here to make accommodations and answer questions around logistics that you may have. For now, our check-ins will continue as planned, with the next one scheduled for April 17, but we’re ready to reassess if necessary.
  • Our product team has released an update on our platform, and it comes with a new set of features! Check it what is new in our release notes and let us know if you have any feedback.
  • In your own time, could those of you in the @oct19-cohort who couldn’t attend today’s check-in possibly drop-in an update about your project in this thread? It’ll be nice to hear how things are going on your end.

Hello all,

Here’s an update from @mooredm @elliottengelj and @cvengrin and the Teaching in the University project for our fellow @oct19-cohort members in Rebus.

We’ve received Table of Contents/Abstract comments from four of six external peer reviewers. Comments were largely positive and had some helpful bits. We told external reviewers about the purpose of the book and asked them to review the chapter titles/abstracts and asked if they had comments on topics that we missed. (Students (many of whom are the authors) in the Graduate Teaching Scholars program were previously invited to review the TOC and provide feedback.) External reviewer comments were helpful and indicated that we are headed in a good direction. We have some questions about the title of the book so we’ll need to further work on that.

This week we had two optional meetings with chapter authors in which we discussed writing-related questions (tone, features to include in each chapter, author agreement, and how we want to communicate as a group.)

The editorial team met today. We reviewed our overall editorial calendar, parts of which we let slide because of the Covid-19 pandemic. We set and will shortly announce author meeting dates for April & May. We hope to complete and share the author guidelines with authors next week.

Chapter authors have been asked to join the Rebus community. We would like to provide an overview of the platform (how to get started, how to best leverage the value of the platform as a communication and transparency tool, basic features, etc.) We have around 20 authors, some of whom will not able able to attend a live demo/ author meetings. We would love to invite you, @apurva or @zoe but we know that your time is also limited so we are wondering if there is a brief video or other introduction to using the Rebus community platform which we could share with authors. Does one exist? If not, is there a brief handout or “how to use this site best” page or guide available?

We are looking forward to checking in on April 17th. On a personal note: We are all well so far. Like everyone else all of our teaching and other work has been severely disrupted with moving everything online and closing everything else due to COVID-19, but we are well and very grateful for many things.

We look forward to hearing from the rest of the cohort as time allows.

Wow you are inspiring me…Great news.



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Joan is right − this is an inspiring update!

I’m happy to hear that reviews have been largely favourable and helpful. It’s good that you were able to do a formal round of peer reviews after the internal feedback from the team during the earlier phases. I’m curious about what kind of title you land up with as you take into account the review comments.

It’s not surprising that timelines and deadlines have needed to be moved around. This is definitely acceptable and encouraged! I’m glad that your team is being understanding towards one another and working together to find ways to slowly gain momentum back on the project.

Your team seems set up well for the content creation work this month and next. I’m excited to see the authors join the platform! I would recommend sharing these two threads with anyone new to the platform:

If you’re planning on doing a demo of the platform, I would suggest taking a look at a video tour we had prepared for the platform. While we’ve made updates to the platform since the video was shot, it still contains useful information that you could mention during your own demo! I would particularly highlight the different blocks of your project homepage as ways to leverage transparency and public work, and possibly even look at other examples to inform authors why it is so important to communicate in the open. Here’s a recap of our marketing & communications session that talks a bit about the benefits of this open approach.

If there are any questions about the platform or community, we’re more than happy to answer them here. So even if we cannot attend your author meetings, we’re certainly able to keep an eye on updates or questions in your project discussion space and jump in when necessary.

I also look forward to chatting with you all next week. I’m glad you are all doing well (as I hope is the rest of the cohort). I’m sorry to hear that your work has been severely disrupted with the shift to online, but I hope that solutions are in place and that it is more manageable now.