Monthly Check-ins

Thank you @apurva. Yes, for me, I think a refresher on detailed formatting workflows would be helpful =)

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Great, thanks for letting me know. I’ll keep that in mind as a possible option for our mini-session, and see if the others have any other suggestions! :slight_smile:

@oct19-cohort — reminder about our check-in today at 1pm ET. A reminder about the password will be sent over Direct Message. We’ll use the same Zoom meeting URL.

Today, we’ll share updates and also spend a bit of time to discuss formatting workflows! Here are the resources I’ve prepared for this mini-session:

  1. Handout: Detailed Formatting Workflows
  2. Slides: Detailed Formatting Workflows

See you all soon! :slight_smile:

Hi @oct19-cohort, a huge thank you to so many of you for joining our check-in last Friday. It was really nice to see everyone on the call, and spend a bit of time chatting about where each project is at. I also appreciated the community moment with questions & answers, and the feedback about our mini-session on formatting workflows. :pray:t5:

Next month’s topic

@dannick suggested we chat about print-on-demand at next month’s check-in on July 10. Would this be of interest to everyone else? Is there something else you’d like us to discuss? Let me know in the next few weeks.

@wentworth, I’m sure you will have lots to say about POD, so let me know if you’re open to collaborating on this mini-session.


The mini-session is probably best broken down in the example formatting workflow that I put together, so I encourage you all to look at that and let me know if you have any questions. We also managed to see a sneak-peek of the Open Pedagogy project, brainstorm ideas for formatting multiple appendixes, and get some input on copyediting (generally and with LaTeX books).

Chat Transcript & Resources

As usual, I’ve saved a copy of the chat transcript for reference. Below is a list of the resources shared on the call, plus a few additions I’ve put together in response to questions asked:

@oct19-cohort — so far, we’re looking to tackle print-on-demand at our mini-session this July. If any of you have other preferences, please let me know by the end of the week! Thank you to those who have shared your suggestions so far.

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@oct19-cohort — we’re meeting tomorrow at 1pm ET for our July Check-in! It’ll take place on Zoom, as usual, and I’ll send over the password reminder over direct message.

This time, we’ll have a mini-session on print-on-demand and refer to:

  1. Handout: Print-on-demand
  2. Slides: Print-on-demand

If you happen to have print copies of your favourite OERs with you, bring them to the session to show it off! :books: Looking forward to chatting with you tomorrow, and hearing how your past month has gone.

Thank you @apurva. Sorry, this is to let you and @walcir.cardoso know that I won’t be able to join today. Have a good session!

No worries - thanks for letting me know. Hopefully you or Walcir can drop an update in the chat when you get a moment! :slight_smile:

@oct19-cohort Thank you everyone who attended our session last Friday! I know some of you had to leave early, so if you missed my print-on-demand demo and would like to catch up, let me know. I’ve saved a copy of our chat transcript and collected a list of the resources shared:

Our next check-in is August 7. If there’s a topic you want to explore at our mini-session, please let me know by the end of the month!

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@oct19-cohort Our next session is nearing, so if there’s a topic you’d like us to explore, please let me know over the next week!

@oct19-cohort - we’ll meet tomorrow on Zoom at 1pm ET for a short monthly check-in and to discuss any questions, challenges, or stories that you might want to share. See you all then. Check your direct messages for the password information.

Thanks to everyone from @oct19-cohort who joined the check-in today. We’re all juggling quite a bit looking ahead to the Fall term or other responsibilities/projects, and that’s okay — remember that the open publishing model is flexible and responsive to any help you work within whatever you might be facing.

Today, we heard that unfortunately, Joe Stabb, who was working on the Introduction to Public Relations project, will not be able to continue with the project and is leaving the cohort. Wishing Joe good luck, and hoping that we can all collaborate with him once again in the future!

Lots of links shared in our chat transcript, which I’ve compiled:

Our next and penultimate check-in will be on September 4th, so if there’s anything you’d like us to tackle in the form of a mini-session, please let me know over the next few weeks.

Hello all,
I just want to let you all know that we have not given up but between COVID-19 and our Fall reacreditation we are swamped. Will try so hard to get to the next meeting and thank you for the conference material. perhaps we could talk about the difficulties presented to our group…
Talk soon,


Hi Joan, thanks for the update. I understand how busy you and the others on the Nursing team must be! I hope that you all get a bit of time to yourselves before you’re able to turn back to the project.

We’d be more than happy to discuss some of the difficulties that your group is facing. Please feel free to share in the discussion space, or we can spend a bit of time during our September check-in to dive into this.

Thank you Apruva … I do feel that you are all there for us.


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We certainly are! The cohort is here to support you in whatever small ways we can.

@oct19-cohort, reminder that our next check-in is tomorrow, Sept. 4th at 1pm ET on Zoom (at our usual link). We’ll focus our conversation on any challenges or difficulties that you or your projects might be facing, so come ready to share. I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Thanks @oct19-cohort for a small but productive check-in last Friday! We missed a few of you, and I hope that you are all doing okay — I know you must be busy with the academic term (and challenges with new delivery) or with your own personal/caregiving responsibilities. For those who were not able to make the check-in, take a look at the chat transcript plus a brief recap of our conversation and resources shared:

  • The recurring theme across projects was to highlight that despite the difficulties wrought on by the pandemic, none of the authors or editors on project have stepped away.
  • We talked about the best ways to reinforce stylistic preferences in the author guide (eg: avoid 1st person and passive voice) and during the copyediting process. Writing is also a learning experience, especially for first-time textbook authors and student contributors!
  • We also looked at the workflow set up by @alazear - thanks Alisa! It was really nice to see the before/after of your drafts and formatted, edited files, plus get a preview of how this would look in the CanLII interface.
  • We ended our discussion by thinking about creative ways to acknowledge authors in books, besides merely giving them credit on their chapter.

Take a look at the resources shared:

Our next check-in is on October 2nd, and will be our last! It will mark one year since we started the program as a cohort, and I’m hoping to make time for everybody to share updates, reflections, and identify pathways to stay connected as a network. Looking forward to seeing everyone then, and chatting in this space in the meantime. :slight_smile:

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@oct19-cohort — our final check-in is taking place this Friday, at 1pm ET on Zoom. I’m hoping that most of us can gather to review how our year in the program has been! I’ve put together a set of slides to guide our conversation. If you can in advance of the session, please reflect on the following questions posed in slide #5:

  • Personal or project milestones over the past year
    • Where has your project travelled?
  • Something that has struck you the most during this journey
    • What have you learned?
  • A message to your team/cohort
    • Despite this tumultuous year, what are you looking forward to professionally and personally?

If anyone cannot attend the session, please let me know and don’t worry about it. I’ll follow-up here afterwards to share some reflections, and make sure you are all set.

For reference, these are the openly licensed slides:

  1. Slides: Oct. 19 Cohort Final Check-in

@oct19-cohort — thank you to all those who could attend our final session last week! I enjoyed looking back at our program objectives, lessons learned, and hearing your own reflections about your projects and personal takeaways from our year together.

To those who could not attend, please take a look at our slides and chat transcript. Be assured if you are still working on your project that you can:

  • continue to the Rebus platform
  • keep referring to all our CC BY licensed handouts, slides, and the Rebus Guide
  • keep sharing CFPs, updates, announcements around your project, which we will be happy to amplify
  • connect with others in the cohort (get in touch with me for the contact list)

I’d especially ask you to look at my prompts in slide #5. I’d love to hear your own reflections, which you are welcome to post here, or share in the final evaluation for the program. If you haven’t yet, please take a few minutes to complete this evaluation. We take your feedback and reflections into account to shape experiences for the 2 other cohorts in progress and others to come! Once you complete your evaluation, you can generate your certificate of completion. A list of program graduates is now live on our website!

If any of you have any questions or trouble accessing any of these documents, please let me know.

With that, I’ll just say thank you one last time! I’m looking forward to seeing many of your projects progress, and to staying in touch as a community! Thank you for letting me be part of your projects and journeys — it has been an honour and a pleasure. :blush: