Office Hours: Sprinting to Publication - OER Production via Textbook Sprints

Topic: Sprinting to Publication: OER Production via Textbook Sprints
When: 16 July 2020
Guests: TBD

Time is often a big constraint for both newcomers and experienced professionals looking to create OER. The textbook sprint approach lets you work on OER projects in a shorter timeline, and can be a great strategy for OER development. In this session, we’ll discuss how you can harness the power of collaboration to go from idea to publication in just a few days. We’ll hear from guests who have successfully run textbook sprints for OERs in different disciplines. Guests will share their tips for planning and managing a sprint. They will also discuss advantages to the sprint approach beyond increasing OER availability, including experimenting with new pedagogical methods, sharing publishing expertise, creating cross-campus OER networks, and more.

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