Office Hours: What happens when my author leaves? Policies to support OER

Topic: What happens when my author leaves? Policies to support OER
When: 2022-05-12T18:00:00Z2022-05-12T19:00:00Z
Guests: Sam Arungwa (Assistant Professor & Extension Specialist; Director, Utah Prevention Science (UPSc) Institute; Utah State University), and Rama Kaba-Demanin (Program Lead, Open Library, eCampus Ontario)

We focus a lot of our energy on launching grant programs and supporting authors through the writing process, with the promise of a completed OER moving us forward. But what happens after the OER is “out there” for a while? Or when an author leaves an institution? Inspired by recent listserv conversations, at this Office Hours session we’ll talk about long-term maintenance and sustainability of open publishing programs. How do you make decisions and set policies around data and book retention? Do authors have perpetual access to your publishing platform? Who manages updates at programs that support OER at multiple institutions? Or are updates and new editions even a part of your program? Join us as our guests discuss these questions and more. As always, you’re invited to bring your own stories and policies.

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