Office Hours: Writing Math and Science Textbooks (5 November 2020, 2pm ET/11 am PT)

Topic: Writing Math and Science Textbooks
When: 2020-11-05T19:00:00Z2020-11-05T20:00:00Z
Guests: Oscar Levin (Associate Professor, School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Northern Colorado), Delmar Larsen (Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of California, Davis; Founder and Director, LibreTexts Project), and Amy M. Balija (Assistant Professor, Organic Chemistry, Radford University).

Writing and publishing math and science open textbooks, lab manuals, and other related ancillaries usually involves a unique set of challenges. In this session, our guests will discuss their experience creating math and science textbooks on a variety of publishing platforms and tools including Pressbooks, LaTeX, and LibreTexts. Topics will include how to add formula, create interactivity through PhET or H5P simulations, and ensure accessibility. This is not a how-to session, but rather an overview of the tradeoffs between platforms and a discussion of strategies for creating math and science open textbooks that meets author and student expectations.

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