Philosophy of Mind [ed: Heather Salazar]

Oh, and one other question, @zoe: Is there a way to get the book editor’s name on the info at the top of the book page? The only place one can see the editor’s name is on the cover (and I just added it into the book description at the bottom of the book page too).

I know we had to get rid of the custom title page, which had the editors’ info on it, because it caused an accessibility problem with the PDF export (noted in the threads above). That would have been another place to note the editors’ names. And now that I think about this again, I wonder if the option that @apurva notes above (copied below) to keep the custom title page but take it out of the bookmarks bar in the PDF might be better. That way the title page clearly lists the editors’ names. Would you be able to help me with that option? I would have to re-create the custom title page but I think I can figure out how to do that again…

Hi Christina,

This is such fabulous news! I have your blog post ready to go and share it today if that’s alright with you. We’ll also announce in the upcoming newsletter. Finally, I will create a Twitter card to draw the eye to any tweets about the book. I’ll send you the .png file of the Twitter card, so that you can use it too.

Congrats on the release!

Ahaaaa, very good point. I’m still not confident we’d be able to remove the author name, unfortunately (it would require PB to make a change that I don’t think they’d want to). We can either deal with the author name being there or find some other way to showcase the collection - maybe on the project homepage. Will think on it.

As for getting the editors’ name more prominent on the book homepage, I have a slightly hacky solution to do so, that I believe would also get the editors’ names on the title page. I’d like to avoid going back to the custom title page if possible as it’s a more brittle solution.

With what I have in mind, we would add “Heather Salazar (Editor)” and “Christina Hendricks (Series Editor)” to the author list so that they show along with the author names. This shouldn’t affect your names anywhere else (e.g. on the introductions/front matter) as we’d create two separate contributors. Let me know what you think and I can try it out.

I think let’s try the hacky solution if the custom title page isn’t very robust. Thanks for the help!

As for the catalogue page, let’s go ahead and find some other way to showcase the series. Not a big deal yet since, well, there is only one book published so far! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help, Zoe!

Ok great! I’ve put the editor names in place as I think you want them, but let me know if any adjustments are needed (I can change the order etc.). The change is visible on the book homepage, of course, and I’ve re-exported the two PDFs. If you would like it on any other formats, just say the word!

Hopefully the need for that showcase comes sooner rather than later! Keep in touch about it, we’ll work with you on a solution.

Always here to help :slight_smile:

I would also recommend posting a note in our New Releases section–just something short about the release and your plans for the future.

The New Releases section is a great archive of these celebratory announcements, and it’s just one more channel through which people encounter open textbooks. :rocket:

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@christina.hendricks — huge congratulations to you, @heathersalazarom, and the rest of the team! :tada:

I’m so excited to hear that the book is released! This project has been years in the making, and this is such a big milestone and accomplishment. I hope you and everyone else involved is feeling very proud. I sure am! :smiley:

Could you possibly clarify that the changes @zoe has made most recently to the PDFs are okay? Following this, I can submit the book to major OER repositories (OT Library, MERLOT, OER Commons, BCcampus Open Textbook Library), and coordinate with Jonathan about the final print-on-demand (POD) cover to set up the book in POD too. I can keep you posted once this is set up, and share all the relevant links here so you can include it on the book homepage.

I suppose with all this done, it’s only a matter of sharing this news with the rest of the team, and asking them to spread the word so people can begin reading and using the book! :smiley:

I just took a quick look at the PDFs and the top section of the book web page and the listing of Heather and I as editors looks fine. Thanks @Zoe!

So @apurva, I think we can go ahead with finalizing the POD and sending the book to the repositories!


You’re more than welcome, Christina! Glad it all meets with your approval :smile:

Excellent! Thanks for confirming. I’ll keep you posted on how I get on with the repository submissions and POD setup!

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I’ve submitted the book to the following repositories: Open Textbook Library, OER Commons, MERLOT, and BCcampus Open Textbook Collection. Each submission will be reviewed in the next few days/weeks, following which the resource should be discoverable!

I’ve also been in touch with Jonathan about the print cover, which we can hopefully finalize soon before setting up the book in POD. :slight_smile:


@christina.hendricks - we’re nearly there with the print cover, and I’m happy to report that the book is now in Open Textbook Library, OER Commons, MERLOT, and will soon be in the BCcampus collection!

I’m thinking that once the POD version is ready, we can add this information to the book homepage, perhaps along with a link to the project home where people can contact you (if they want to help with additions or expansions to the book or other books in the series). How does this sound?

It may also be good at this point to share the announcement in the big listservs in your field — Philosop, Philos-L, and the like — so the book is more prominently in the eyes of instructors who may want to adopt it. What do you think?

This all sounds great, @apurva! Where/how is the best way to share the POD and the link to the project homepage?

I will draft some emails to listservs today and send them out tomorrow!

Good morning!

I’ll pitch in and share news of POD availability on Twitter and through the newsletter. So exciting.

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The POD link we can add to the book homepage, similarly to how the team on the Research Methods in Psychology book have done: (see the ‘Buy Book’ button). As for the link to the project homepage, I’d suggest adding this either to the short or long book description. Here’s an example from our publishing guide, where we’ve added a sentence to the short description.

As for the emails to the listservs, if you wanted, you could wait until the POD version was all set up (we’re still waiting on a few things for the moment). I can let you know as soon as this is ready!

Thanks, Leigh! We’ll keep you and others posted here about the POD format and when it is ready. Nearly there! :green_book:

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Thanks, @apurva. I’ll add the link to the project pages on the short book description. I already added attributions for the cover artwork and design, because there wasn’t an easy way to put that front and centre otherwise that I could see (and people going to the book page seeing the cover might want to know how to attribute the image in case they use it on blog post announcements, e.g.). I added some html to get the line breaks in there…not sure that was a good idea! :slight_smile:

I have already sent the book announcement out to one listserv but I’ll wait on others for the POD to be available!

Good idea with the cover attributions, and the line breaks! Text in the short description is formatted via HTML, and what you’ve done makes the distinctions between the book description and cover design information clear.

Sounds good — I’ll keep you posted. :slight_smile:

Hi @apurva: I was checking something on the Philosophy of Mind book PDFs and noticed that there was still the issue with the not having the ability to navigate correctly through the PDF with the sidebar navigation (as discussed in the thread above).

Maybe the situation was: the chapters part has to be visible for the export, and then made invisible later. Maybe I exported at some point without making the chapters part visible. So I just redid both PDFs (print and digital) and the navigation appears to be better, but not perfect. There is now at least a “chapters” dropdown that has all the chapters. But each chapter has both a title and then the author in the navigation. This may not be something that can be fixed, I’m guessing, since the author name is one of the headings. But I wanted to double check whether there was a fix for this that I forgot and I’ve just messed it up again with the new exports! :slight_smile:

Hi Christina, good catch. All the chapters will have had to be visible in both web & exports prior to exporting the files. As for the issue of seeing the chapter author names in the bookmarks bar in the PDF, this has been noted by the Pressbooks team. They are working to resolve this issue (and others identified during this check) via development.

Here’s the full list of issues identified:

  • Subtitles listed in same hierarchy as chapters
  • Chapter authors listed in same hierarchy as chapters
  • Title page and half-title page identified by heading text
  • Copyright page not bookmarked
  • Custom title page contains illogically nested information
  • Chapters all listed in hierarchy under the last front matter post when a book has only one part
  • Chapter owners are listed as bookmarks
  • Chapter endnotes appear nested underneath a chapter

I’ll let you know when I have an update from their team.

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