Philosophy of Mind [ed: Heather Salazar]

Thanks Christina and @apurva. I’ll start tonight!

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I’ll just need a very clear indication of when a chapter/document is ready to be moved from Google Docs to Pressbooks. We will want to go back and forth a little as possible, so we should finalize in Google Docs as much as possible. Once a chapter/document is moved to Pressbooks, we should probably focus any further review and/or changes there so we are not confused about where the latest version is located.

Let me know when a chapter/document is ready to move to Pressbooks and I’ll move it.

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Makes sense to me. Final proofing in PB for simple typos/formatting seem like the only edits that should be made there, imo.

For my part, I’ll indicate in the google docs when I’m ready for @christina.hendricks to take a look.

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Sound good! Also, hello Colleen and great to be assisting you.

= Nate

Hey Nate! Great to be working with you. :wave:

Colleen & @xolotl: I agree with everything that’s said here! Colleen, once you pass over chapters to @christina.hendricks for a final review, she can inform Nate here to begin the move to Pressbooks.

Nate, as you may have seen, there’s some test chapters and default content in the Pressbooks book currently, which can be deleted once the finalized chapters start going into the book. :slight_smile:


I moved the first page ready (bios) into a PB front mater page in the book, but was unsure about a few things:

  1. What to do with the list of emails at the top of the bios Google Doc.
  2. What the full title of the page should be. I put just “Biographies”, but maybe it should be “Author Biographies”?
  3. Which author should be credited with this page? Maybe all authors?
  4. If any other metadata other than author(s) is needed for the front-mater page (eg, short title, subtitle, page license (assuming not), DOI).
  5. If the front-matter page should be assigned a specific front-matter type.

Maybe some of these are questions for @apurva