Philosophy of Mind [ed: Heather Salazar]

Thanks Christina and @apurva. I’ll start tonight!

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I’ll just need a very clear indication of when a chapter/document is ready to be moved from Google Docs to Pressbooks. We will want to go back and forth a little as possible, so we should finalize in Google Docs as much as possible. Once a chapter/document is moved to Pressbooks, we should probably focus any further review and/or changes there so we are not confused about where the latest version is located.

Let me know when a chapter/document is ready to move to Pressbooks and I’ll move it.

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Makes sense to me. Final proofing in PB for simple typos/formatting seem like the only edits that should be made there, imo.

For my part, I’ll indicate in the google docs when I’m ready for @christina.hendricks to take a look.

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Sound good! Also, hello Colleen and great to be assisting you.

= Nate

Hey Nate! Great to be working with you. :wave:

Colleen & @xolotl: I agree with everything that’s said here! Colleen, once you pass over chapters to @christina.hendricks for a final review, she can inform Nate here to begin the move to Pressbooks.

Nate, as you may have seen, there’s some test chapters and default content in the Pressbooks book currently, which can be deleted once the finalized chapters start going into the book. :slight_smile:


I moved the first page ready (bios) into a PB front mater page in the book, but was unsure about a few things:

  1. What to do with the list of emails at the top of the bios Google Doc.
  2. What the full title of the page should be. I put just “Biographies”, but maybe it should be “Author Biographies”?
  3. Which author should be credited with this page? Maybe all authors?
  4. If any other metadata other than author(s) is needed for the front-mater page (eg, short title, subtitle, page license (assuming not), DOI).
  5. If the front-matter page should be assigned a specific front-matter type.

Maybe some of these are questions for @apurva

Thanks, Nate! I’m very excited to see the first sections going in :smiley:

Here’s my take on the questions you’ve asked:

  1. I don’t think the email addresses are necessary to include in this section, but can be nice! If @heathersalazarom and @christina.hendricks would like to do so, perhaps we can have a standard “Reach him/her/them via email at [address].” I’ve seen other books include links to contributors Twitter handles, for instance, and it is a nice way to give potential adopters/readers some pathways into the existing team.
  2. I’d suggest either “About the Contributors” or “About the Authors”
  3. I think you could leave the Front Matter Authors blank? This isn’t necessary to include for every front/back matter section. I believe what it does along with adding some chapter-level metadata on the section, it also triggers the author names to display below the title, which may not be as critical for this section as it will be for the chapters, introduction, etc. Tagging my colleague @zoe, in case she has anything more to add!
  4. No other metadata for this front-matter section needed. There’s no short title, subtitle, or DOI, and the license is the same as the rest of the book, so it doesn’t need to be changed/specified again here.
  5. No front-matter type needed here. Typically, this type of section is included as backmatter, so Pressbooks has a backmatter type called “About the Author(s).” So if this is moved to the backmatter, you could apply this type, else you could leave it be in the frontmatter with no specific type.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the response here, @apurva. I can ask Heather if it’s okay to include the email addresses in here.

As for front matter vs back matter; if this is typically back matter, and there is already a back matter category for “about the authors” then let’s just make this back matter. I don’t know what the usual practice is!

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Sounds good! :slight_smile:

It is typically found in the back matter, in non-OER textbooks and open resources alike. I’ve found many examples to confirm the same. I’d suggest placing it in the back matter, as is typical, and perhaps making it very clear in your introduction to the series that this is a collaborative effort. I do think it’s important for those accessing the book to know who all were involved in the making of the book: not just the team of authors and editors, but formatters, proofreaders, copyeditors, and more. So your introduction could point to this ‘About the Contributors’ page as well as the ‘Acknowledgements,’ perhaps, where we could publicly recognize all those involved!

@christina.hendricks, @metatechne, @xolotl, I’m just checking in to see how the copyediting and formatting is going so far. Any more questions come up?

Thanks for checking in! Colleen is doing a great job going through the chapters and we have a couple that have been passed on to Nate after I’ve gone through them, for inputting into Pressbooks. Right now I’m the bottleneck as I need to go through and answer questions or resolve comments before handing off to Nate, and I am behind! :slight_smile:

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@xolotl In addition to Chapter 3, which I noted already via email is ready for importing, chapter 0 (introduction) is just about ready too. There is just one lingering question there from me to Colleen, but you could also weigh in as well…it’s a small wording question.

Waiting on author replies to questions on chapters 2 and 4, and then they’ll be ready!

Thanks for the update! I’m glad things are going well :smiley: Slow and steady progress is good, so don’t worry about it. Looking forward to hearing more from you and the team as you get on.

@xolotl Chapters 0-5 are ready for importing into Pressbooks! It looks like there is already a draft of Chapter 1 in there, but that is just there for demonstration purposes when I was learning how to do Pressbooks. It should be overwritten with the new version.

If you’d like me to do any of the importing please let me know.

Oh, and please ignore the bolding in the google doc chapters. The words are bolded because eventually I’m hoping we can add a glossary that will have definitions for those terms. I’m keeping the bolding in the google docs versions for later reference, but since we don’t have a glossary yet it won’t make sense to have them bolded in the Pressbooks version at this point. I’ll go back and change later if we get a glossary going.

Thanks so much!

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OK folks, sorry for the delay…I was on vacation this past week. I’ll work to get all the ready chapters moved no later than tomorrow eve (8 Jul).

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Again, sorry for the delay! Ch0–1 and About the Authors are now moved to PB. I will work on Ch2–5, which I understand are ready. If someone can come behind and doublecheck that the move didn’t introduce issues, that is something else that needs to be done.

FYI, I’m taking the extra step to remove double spaces (as they aren’t well handled in HTML and are an unnecessary anachronism :wink: and to ensure blockquotes are carried through.

Ch2 is now in PB:

Thanks for all this, Nate! I will go over the chapters in PB as soon as I can. I am also going through the copyedited ones before passing them on to you, so I am fairly familiar with each chapter as they go into PB!

@apurva, Chpt. 4 has some symbolic aspects that need to be done in LaTeX probably (or is there some other way to do it in PB?). Please take a look at Chpt. 4 in the publishing copies folder to see what I’m talking about.

Should I ask the author if she knows how to write them in LaTeX or can someone on your team help us out with that? I don’t know how to do it. Thanks!

@xolotl, thanks for the update! I see that Chapters 1-5 are all in Pressbooks now, along with the introduction. It’s all looking great (kudos to Colleen @metatechne for copyediting it all too)! :smiley: I especially like how you’ve formatted the footnotes and references, and also paid careful attention to inputting alt. text for images and other best practices to ensure that the book is easily accessible. Thanks also for handling those pesky double spaces. :clap:t5:

@christina.hendricks as for the equations – it would be best if the author could write them in LaTeX, ASCii Math, or MathML, whichever they find most familiar (so we can ensure that the equations are accurate!). Pressbooks lets us display this in MathJax, which has accessibility features that can be enabled on the webbook version! You can find more information on equations and formulae in Pressbooks in their guide chapter: Math in Pressbooks. Let me know what the author says, and if this is something they are not too familiar with, we can find some other options.

This would also be good to flag with @benjamin.martin for the Logic book, too, in case any changes need to be made in Google Docs prior to formatting or in Pressbooks once chapters have been transferred.