Philosophy of Mind [ed: Heather Salazar]

Ah, thanks for the clarification, and a big thanks for keeping us moving! :smiley:

I think the clearer we can be, the better, so let’s go with what you have!

I’ll resend the invites by tomorrow latest. :slight_smile:

As for the questions about the license on the webbook: I’ve heard back from Pressbooks, and it appears that the chapter title does, in fact, override the book title in the chapter-level copyright license when a chapter author is added to the metadata, but this only happens when the chapter’s license has been set to something other than the book’s license. As an example, if the book is CC-BY, but the chapter was set to CC-BY-SA, the chapter title would appear in the license statement. However, since in this case, both the book and the license are CC-BY, only the author’s name appears in the license statement. The team at Pressbooks sees clearly the use-cases like ours, and will be considering ways to update this feature in the longer term. Given our timelines with this book, however, they have suggested that we remove the authors from chapter-level metadata, so the license statement is consistent on all the pages, and instead add author names manually to the beginning of a chapter’s body, so the chapter authors are still duly credited for their contributions. I’ll note that if we do make the manual additions, it would be best to format the author names as either a heading 2 or paragraph style, so the content is organized logically (see more about Organizing Content in the Accessibility Toolkit). Hope this helps!

@christina.hendricks I’ve resent invites for you to join the remaining books! While I was doing so, I noticed that this book is titled “Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind” while the others follow the pattern “Introduction to Philosophy: Ethics”. If this was a recent change, I’d suggest updating the Book Information and any other places inside the book where the full book-title is mentioned, perhaps also the book cover. This might already be on your radar, and apologies if so!

Ah, I didn’t notice this, so thank you for pointing it out! I will have to go through and try to find all the places the title is mentioned …

For mentions inside the book, you can use the Search & Replace tool! Take a look at the Pressbooks user guide chapter: Hopefully this will save time going through the book to make the replacements.

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Wow, I think there are just a couple of things left to do on this book!

  1. Accessibility Assessment: I went through and answered the questions I knew the answers to without doing a full book assessment yet.

  2. A small thing, and a question for @apurva: when I do export to PDF (whether print or digital), if I look at the “sidebar” with a ToC in my PDF reader (Preview for Mac), the organization looks strange. It looks like most things are in heading 1 and so out towards the left on the list of ToC on the sidebar, except then it appears that all of the chapter titles act like they’re heading 2 and are all organized under “Introduction to the Book,” which is the last heading 1 item before the chapters. Then the rest of the backmatter items show up as if heading one.

It’s the same on Adobe Acrobat reader, if you look at the sidebar with the “bookmark” icon clicked.

I wouldn’t worry too much about it but then it makes me wonder whether this creates an accessibility problem. The PDF would read as if each chapter were somehow nested under the larger category of “Introduction to the Book.”

Any thoughts, Apurva?

That’s very exciting! :clap:t5: Not too far before we can release!

This is a really good catch, Christina, and it does look this mis-ordering will affect the accessibility of the PDF. I did try to do some troubleshooting myself, but unfortunately couldn’t come up with a fix. So, I have been in touch with the Pressbooks team, to see if they can possibly look into this in more detail and hopefully help us find a solution. I’ll keep you posted when I hear more from them!