Philosophy of Religion [ed: Beau Branson]

This thread is for discussions related to the Philosophy of Religion part of Introduction to Philosophy. See the full project summary.

[Updated April 2019]

Book Summary:
Take a look at the full book outline in Google Docs.

Current call for participation
We are looking for two peer reviewers for the book, starting in late May or early June 2019. Please see this post below, for more information.

Relevant Documents:
Book Outline – This doc gives an overview of the part and details each of the chapters to be written
Chapter Assignments – See who is authoring which chapters
Author Guide – Read this guide to find out more about what committing to author a chapter involves.

Team: @beau-branson (book editor), @clhendricksbc (lead editor), @zoe (Rebus project manager) … and you?

Thanks to everyone who provided their feedback on the outline for this part! It is now closed for comments. We will start looking for chapter authors very soon, and if you’re interested, just add your name to the spreadsheet at the top of the page.

An update, after quite a long time! The editor and authors have been working on writing this book, and we are happy to report that we will have a draft ready for peer review around end of May or early June! Most of the chapters were written awhile ago, but it has taken quite some time to get a volunteer for one last chapter. We now have one, and are excited to see this book near completion!

Here is an outline of chapter titles:


Chapter 1: Theoretical Arguments For Belief in God

Chapter 2: Non-standard Arguments For Belief in God

Chapter 3: Traditional Arguments Against Belief in God

Chapter 4: Cognitive Science of Religion and Contemporary Challenges to Religious Belief

Chapter 5: From Philosophy of Theism to Philosophy of Religions

We are looking for two peer reviewers for this book. Peer reviewers would start when the last chapter is finished (end of May or early June), and then will have 4-6 weeks to review the book. If you might be interested, please let us know here or on the volunteer sign up thread. We are looking for people with a PhD in philosophy (ideally), some level of expertise in the area of philosophy of religion, and if possible, teaching experience at the first-year level.

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And update: we have two peer reviewers! They will be reviewing the book in the next number of weeks. The peer reviews should be completed around mid-to-end July 2019, and then the authors will have time to revise their chapters after that.