Project Status Updates: General Education English

Absolutely–just added! Thanks!

Hi everyone, someone from @Lashleyed’s IOPEN group just provided an update on this open H5P repository that should be awesome for embedding lessons within our Pressbooks textbook:

I haven’t added much to our folders since last Tuesday, but I’ll try to hop back in there sometime today. See everyone tomorrow!

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Thanks, Joel! Sorry I haven’t looked at the folders—still busy prepping and moving stuff online. Hope you all are well.


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Hello Liza and Joel,

I intend to attend the 7:00 AM meeting, and I would like a link to our team’s meeting afterward, please.

Like you, I will try to fit in time today to add something to the folder assigned to me.

See you tomorrow!


I think we’re using @jritcher’s zoom space:

Yes, that was Daphne from ISU. I did not realize that they were doing so much with H5P. Maybe I can persuade her to give our groups a presentation about the uses they have found for that tool.

Thanks, I keep the link handy.

Hi English group! I’ve added Section 2 to our Pressbooks demo space. To help keep things simple, I re-organized the book so our new additions appear at the top. Part I is “Introduction to Rhetoric,” Part II is “Rhetorical Modes.” These are experimental additions only of course, something we can test out. Expect things to be missing. If you want to tinker with the design, formatting, or play around with adding content, feel free to do so.

Here are the direct links:

See you on Wednesday at Jamaica’s Zoom space!

Thanks, Joel! As for tomorrow, I’m afraid I need to bow out. It is the last week of classes here, and the last week the Writing Center is open, and I’m swamped. Plus, I’m coming down with something. The zoom link for our working meeting should open without me, if everyone wants to forge ahead. I’m sorry for this last minute cancellation!


Would it be helpful for me attend the meeting this morning?

Thank you for the Pressbooks work, Joel, awesome! Jamaica, we will miss you at the meeting and keep you in the loop–it’s a busy time! Jonathan, yes, we always welcome your expertise! Thank you!

Hi Jamaica, quick update that others can fill in probably more elegantly:

  • Section 2 is sufficiently filled in for now. We can have conversations on gaps and decisions as those items are added to Pressbooks and the spaces there that Joel has made–thanks for that, Joel. We talked about making Reflection its own section with two perspectives/sections–a narrative focus and literacy-based focus (the latter being a student reflecting on their own process and decisions, etc.). There could be a third focus, more of a practitioner focus – we need to find a good source for this but Stephen Brookfield’s book was mentioned here and Liza shared this link: . Education pedagogy texts or even communication or leadership OERs may include some of this, too, so we could investigate these. Also, if you have a preference for Process Analysis in the Expository/Informative section or the Analysis section from a rhetoric perspective, please let us know. From the conversation with Jonathan, my take was usability…where would most instructors use the how-to essay.

  • Liza worked on design elements and made the recommendation to provide consistency with regard to key vocabulary for each section and using colorful, graphic cues, which will provide not only an aesthetically pleasing look but also provide a level of comfort and routine/set of expectations for our student readers.

  • Joel will work on adding information from Section 2 to Pressbooks and we can join in this, too. Although if anyone is unsure of how to go about adding/editing, (i.e. Me!) etc., Jonathan said that he would give us a tutorial at our next English meeting.

  • For this coming week, we will work on Section 3 as the main focus…of course, adding to any other folders dealing with other learning outcomes with sources that we come across. Giving a brief explanation or rationale with each addition is always helpful.

  • Joel and Liza were going to look into monies to be paid for cover artwork to be done by a student.

  • Travel/$ funds were disseminated to each institution, so check with Jonathan if you’re not sure who the contact is for funding information at your university.

Thanks so much,


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Thanks Amy! As you mention, Section 3 may not be a discrete bucket so we’ll have to remain flexible when we begin adding material there. I suspect Sections 3-5 may bleed into one another, not sure yet.

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Amy, thanks so much for this update! See you all on Wednesday :slight_smile:

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Hi Jonathan @Lashleyed ,
Would you be willing to do a walk-through tutorial of PressBooks for the English team next Wed at 9 a.m. MST (8 a.m. PST)? Joel has experience, but the rest of us would like to help with regard to uploading content, etc.

I know your time is precious, so maybe there is another team that might want to join in so that you feel like you’re not doing this kind of thing incessantly? Also, if that day/time doesn’t work, what would be most convenient for you?

Thanks, Amy

I’m happy to meet with you all at your regular meeting time next Wednesday. My time is precious only because it is yours, so let me know if other times work better for you all.

Awesome, Jonathan, thanks so much!! Yes, this would work for all of us.

Thanks again!

[This post has been updated to include my Zoom link instead of Jamaica’s]

Hi English group, I’ve updated our Pressbooks demo space: It now includes content for Sections 2, 3 & 4. If I have more time today I’ll add Section 1. This is a very rough draft, obviously, and I haven’t yet added in the media suggestions for each section. But it’s something.

I’ll see you tomorrow morning at 9am MST! This time we can meet in my Zoom space:

Thank you, Joel–that’s wonderful! I’m going to work on Bucket/Outcome #7 today since I think the other sections are sufficiently filled in with possible resources. Thanks!

Here’s the status update for May 27: During today’s Zoom meeting we updated our Table of Contents. The “Rhetorical Modes” Part is replaced by separate Parts devoted to chapters like: Writing Your Story, Writing to Analyze, Writing to Reflect, etc.

For next week, Liza’s going to work on getting some of the .pdf readings imported. Amy’s going to work on the Part dedicated to addressing bias (and some other things). I’m going to work on organizing the Parts so they correspond to our revised table of contents. I’ll also pick one Part to revise so we can use it next week to talk about a Style Guide.

Thanks all!