Project Summary: The Open Anthology of Earlier American Literature

@zoe @hugh I have a background in English literature and linguistics. I am currently a grad student at Vancouver Island University, with editing and proof reading skills. Before beginning my MEd. I was a school administrator for 3 years and English teacher for 8 years. I’d be happy to help with any reviewing you might need.

Hi @corrine.hameltaylor This is wonderful. We will definitely enlist your help in these areas. More info to come soon.

I’m more than willing to take on any of the needed positions (including lead) from introducing an author to marketing them in the classroom. My contact info is

Love the project! Want to be a part of this in any sort of way I possibly can.

@hbowen211 That’s great, thanks so much! We were just about to do another push to find more people for the project so you have perfect timing. I’ll reach out tomorrow with a few more details about the lead editor role (just polishing them up) to see if it suits. In the meantime, could you share a few details about you and your work?

My poetry has been published in numerous journals and reviews, have academic articles ranging from the aesthetics of Bob Dylan (timely I know) to the humor of Dickinson, and I have a forthcoming chapbook of short stories hitting the shelves in late October.

I teach poetry/literature/rhetoric and composition at a local community college here in Indiana.

Worked as an editor for small press companies and literary reviews while in graduate school.

stay tuned everyone … exciting news afoot on this project … !

Hi everyone - I am very pleased to announce that Tim Robbins of Graceland University ( @trobbins1981 ) has joined this project as the lead editor. Tim is a professor of English at Graceland and has used Robin’s first edition of the anthology in his own teaching, so is very familiar with the project.

With the lead confirmed, we can now really get this project rolling. The first step is to develop the TOC, then there’ll be a clear list of tasks to start assigning to those of you who have volunteered your various skills, so keep an eye out for updates coming soon!

I’d be very interested in contributing to this project. I’m a Scholarly Communication librarian, and also hold a Ph.D. in American literature, with a focus on early American lit., especially the works of Edgar Allan Poe and Emily Dickinson. If you need someone to research texts or write introductions to these or other sections, I’d be interested.

@docjem1972 awesome! welcome …

I’d be happy to help with proof reading this summer. I have a background in English, Limguistics and Education. I have also worked on various curriculum development and instructional design projects.

@corinne.hameltaylor excellent!

@docjem1972 Great! Welcome aboard!

Hi! My name is Gesina and I’m a Digital Scholarship Librarian. I’m a trained copy editor & proofreader, & have my BA/MA in English Literature. I work a great deal with copyright and formatting in my current job as well, and I am comfortable writing copy. Please let me know what I can help out with!

@gesina.a.phillips Thanks Gesina! Great to have you join us. Will have the first round of jobs coming soon - watch this space.

Just a thought/suggestion: LibriVox has a whole lot of public domain audiobooks … and likely a good collection of the content in that will be in this anthology, see:

Also, since the source texts are all in the public domain, we might be able to suggest LibriVox make a complete version of this anthology.

re; librivox … idea is that each piece might link to the librivox audio version.

which makes me think: there should be a Pressbooks feature to:
“Add additional resources” … this would allow you to add links to other content in a structured way.

I was wondering if all the positions had been assigned for this project? I am very interested in contributing my literary knowledge to this particular textbook.

Hi @hbowen211, we’re definitely still looking for support with this textbook and would love to have you contribute! Aside from the lead editor job, we’re keeping it fairly loose in terms of positions, but whatever level of involvement you’re willing to have will be very welcome for the project.

To update you on where we are at the moment, Tim ( @trobbins1981 ) is currently working on a draft TOC that we’ll be opening up for feedback in the next week or two, so we’d love your input on that. I’ll be sure to post it here, so keep an eye out. Then once that’s agreed upon, we’ll then be looking at having people put their hand up for more specific tasks - researching the texts, writing intros, maybe creating ancillary materials etc.

Hello Administrators! I have a master’s degree in library and information studies and an undergraduate degree in media studies with a minor in English. I was copy desk chief at my university’s newspaper and have worked in proofreading and copyediting positions. I’d be pleased to provide assistance in any of these areas:

Public domain text researchers
Copy editors
Proof readers

Thanks! - Mary Brunskill

@marykathleenb86 Hi Mary, thanks for volunteering in this project too! We’ll be starting the hunt for the texts very soon, so keep an eye out.