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@apurva Sounds great! Looking forward to it.

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Hi @zoe, I’d be happy to review a chapter if you still need reviewers. As an academic librarian, I work primarily with open educational resources, copyright, creative commons licensing, and teach information literacy sessions for 100-200 level classes. I also teach information literacy through reference transactions. I’m living and breathing the ACRL framework right now in my work life too.

~Amanda Larson
Open Education Librarian, Penn State University

@elizabethtucsondart We’ve just heard from the project lead, Michelle Schwartz, that Chapter 1 is one that is best read in context with the other chapters in the book. To that end, I’m wondering whether you might be interested in acting as a full-text reviewer for the book? If you’re unable to commit to reviewing the entire text, that’s perfectly alright. We might conduct a second round of chapter reviews, in which case I can reassign another chapter to you. Please let me know what suits.

Hi @Amanda, thanks for reaching out! We’d love to have you on board, although we currently have reviewers for all the outstanding chapters pencilled in.

I wonder, would you instead be interested in conducting a full text review? Given that each chapter gets a close look, this doesn’t need to be quite as intensive as it would otherwise, but rather focuses on consistency, repetition and generally assessing the book as a cohesive whole that achieves (or not!) its purpose.

Does that sounds like something that might interest you? Let me know if so! Thanks :slight_smile:

@apurva I don’t think I have the time to review the entire text. Perhaps I can be a second round reviewer for a chapter :slight_smile:

@elizabethtucsondart That’s perfectly alright! Are you interested in any of the other chapters in particular? We’re expecting Chapters 2 and 6 to come in later this month, but the others are ready for review right away.

@apurva Maybe Chapter 2 or 8?

@zoe I’d be happy to!

@elizabethtucsondart Hi Elizabeth, Chapter 8 would work. It is ready for review, and I’ll be in touch soon to get you set up.

@Amanda Wonderful! I’ll be in touch once we have all the chapters in hand. :slight_smile:

Hi there! academic librarian here! My focus is open educational resources, along with teaching digital literacy and promoting a environment that allows, imagination, and success to the underserved. The future is here and id love to contribute.

Fantastic, thank you @Amanda! @Apurva will keep you posted with details (we just need to work out the timing with the editor).

Hi @stephaniemelissagill, thanks for getting in touch :slight_smile: Love your approach, and we’d love to have you contribute! Where are you based?

We’ve had a great response so are looking to line up more chapter reviewers, and maybe one other full text reviewer - would you have a preference between the two? Several of the chapters are ready to go, so if that’s a better option for you, let us know which interest you the most and we’ll get you set up.

I can review a chapter if needed. My expertise is in digital pedagogy in general (faculty developer, not librarian). You know me, so :slight_smile:

I’m interested in reviewing the texts. I teach an intro Digital Literacy class at the Univ of Oklahoma and teach Media Ethics on occasion. I’m involved in several Information Literacy/Citizenship groups and workshops.

In response to your need for Full-Text Reviewer Needed for Open Digital Citizenship Toolkit. I am available to help review the entire student workbook text. I have taught and designed a freshman/sophomore credit-bearing Information Literacy online course. I have also reviewed and edited other Rebus and SUNY OERs. Happy to share my knowledge and skills for this worthwhile OER!

I am interested in serving as one of the full-text reviewers for the student workbook. I’ve been an academic librarian for about ten years, and have taught information literacy in for-credit courses, as well as one-shots and embedded course instruction. Thank you!

@bali Hi Maha, yes of course we know you! :slight_smile: Thanks so much for your offer to review a chapter! Can you tell me your preference out of Chapters 2, 6, and 7?

@yvettebwalker Hi Yvette! Thanks so much for your interest in reviewing. We were only looking for one more full-text reviewer, but given the overwhelming response, we are currently chatting with the lead author on how best to proceed. I’ll get back to you soon!

@carolkunzler Hi Carol! Thanks so much for offering to review the full-text, and for your enthusiasm on this project overall!

As I mentioned to Yvette, we were only looking for one more full-text reviewer, but given the overwhelming response, we are currently chatting with the lead author on how best to proceed. I’ll be in touch soon.