Project Summary

@kablocksidge Hi Katie, thanks so much for offering to review the full-text! As I mentioned to Yvette and Carol, we were only looking for one more full-text reviewer, but given the overwhelming response, we are currently chatting with the lead author on how best to proceed. I’ll get back to you very soon!

@Zoe im in texas! sorry for the delayed response… I would love to do a full review if still needed, if not any chapter is fine.

looking fwd to it!!

@stephaniemelissagill @yvettebwalker @kablocksidge @bali @carolkunzler Once again, thank you all so much for your offers to review! We really did not expect such an enthusiastic response!

Carol, since you’ve already reviewed one of the chapters in the book, and are already set-up, we’d like to get you to jump in as a full-text reviewer. Let us know if this suits, and we’ll be in touch with more details.

Katie, Yvette, Stephanie, and Maha – we’d still love if you could come on board as chapter reviewers instead. If you are interested, please let me know which of the following chapters best suits your expertise:
Chapter 2 - Modes of Digital Communication
Chapter 4 - Critical Approaches to Digital Literacy (Maha, we’ll ask you to skip this one :wink: )
Chapter 6 - Value of Information
Chapter 7 - Joining the Digital Conversation

@apurva they all seem interesting, but I would love to review chapter 6. or 7.!!

@apurva I am one of the co-authors for Chapter 7 so I’ll need to skip that one; I’d be happy to review Chapter 6 or 2.

@stephaniemelissagill Great! I think you’d be a good fit for Chapter 7. I’ll be in touch this week with the details and get you set up. Let me know if you have any questions. :slight_smile:

@kablocksidge Hi Katie - sorry I didn’t make the connection earlier! I think you’d be a good fit for Chapter 2, which we’re expecting later this month. Once we have it in hand, I’ll be in touch to get you set up.

Hi there, I teach an Intro to Media class with a strong digital literacy component at Univ of Oklahoma. I also completed the summer workshop Rhode Island Institute for Digital Literacy in 2016. Happy to help if it’s still needed.

@melaniewilderman Hi Melanie, thanks for your interest in acting as a reviewer! We think we might have the last few chapter reviewers – we’re just waiting on @bali and @yvettebwalker to confirm. If they aren’t able to review, we might get you to jump in. How does this sound? I’ll get back to you by the end of the week, if that’s not too late for you?

@apurva Thanks perfect. Just let me know.

@melaniewilderman Hi Melanie, sorry for the delayed response. Since I haven’t heard from @bali or @yvettebwalker, we’ll get you to jump in on the review. Could you tell me your preference between Chapter 4 - Critical Approaches to Digital Literacy and Chapter 6 - Value of Information? Once you do so, I can get you set up!

@apurva Sounds great, thank you!

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@apurva Sounds great! Looking forward to it!

@melaniewilderman It looks like @yvettebwalker is happy to take on Chapter 4, so would you be able to review Chapter 6?

@feerrar Great! I’ll be in touch soon to get you set up!

Hello: I’d like to review chapter 1. I created a course called Digital Media Literacy for communications students at Howard University. I am very interested in this topic.

@isturgis Hi Ingrid, thanks so much for your interest in reviewing Chapter 1! We’re not looking for any more reviewers at the moment. However, we will keep you posted on the project, and will be in touch if there are any other areas where we could use your expertise!

@apurva , is this call still open ???

@anilasulochana Hi Anila, thanks for your interest in the project! We’re not looking for any more reviewers at the moment, but I can keep you posted of other areas where you can get involved!