Sharing 'Gender Spectrum Collection' Stock Photo Resource

(Apurva Ashok) #1

Hi @Deborah.Amory, hope you are well! I saw this stock photo collection making the rounds, and immediately thought of whether it would be useful for your textbook: Gender Spectrum Collection of stock photos from Broadly of trans and non-binary folks doing everyday activities.

I believe the photos are licensed CC-BY-NC-ND and the creators also have suggested Guidelines for use.

I’m not sure whether you’ve already started think of non-textual elements to the book, or if this would be helpful, but wanted to share this with you as I had all the information handy. :smiley:


Apurva! Thanks so much. This will be a great help. Best Deb

(Leigh Kinch-Pedrosa) #3

I saw these the other day! So cool.

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(Apurva Ashok) #4

Glad to hear it! You’re welcome.

It strikes me that this might also be helpful for the Global Perspectives on Gender project, so I’m tagging the leads @ktanelson, and Nadine T. Fernandez and of course @allisonbrown. :smiley:

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