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Our wide-reaching, fortnightly newsletter is an effective way to announce project news and needs, and to connect with contributors, reviewers, and adopters in the OER community.

If you are looking for collaborators, post about it here and we’ll include it in an upcoming newsletter and social media.

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Soil & Water Conservation: An Annotated Bibliography - 3 PM EST
How to learn Cree or an indigenous language
Graduate Level Open Primer Textbook on Visual Studies - 10 am EST

Health, Safety and Nutrition: ECE Textbook
Role: Section Editor
Little to no Early Childhood Education OER exists despite a demonstrated need. This will be the first of 8 books created to fill this need.
More Information on the Contributor Marketplaace

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(Leigh Kinch-Pedrosa) #6

Thanks Amanda. Your call will be included in the next Rebus Community Newsletter which comes out this Thursday, the 18th.

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(Christina Hendricks) #7

Introduction to Philosophy open textbook series
Roles sought:

  • Editor for the Social and Political Philosophy book
  • Authors for chapters in several books in the series
  • Volunteers to input content into Pressbooks for publishing

This is a series of 9 books on topics often covered in Introduction to Philosophy courses, including Ethics, Metaphysics, Logic and Aesthetics. Each book has an editor and between 5-10 separate authors from various parts of the world.

Please see more information in the call for contributors.

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(Leigh Kinch-Pedrosa) #8

Awesome! I’ll add these calls to our upcoming newsletter. It comes out Thursday, the 18th.

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